My visit to the Nazca Lines in Peru

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In 2003, me and my Then Girlfriend (TG) - she is now my wife - decided to go and visit the Nazca Lines in Peru.

For those of you who don't know what these are, the Nazca lines are a series of large designs drawn on the desert floor in Nazca a few thousand years ago. The exact dates and purpose for the creation of the lines is disputed, but it is a fascinating read if anyone is ever interested.

Traveling to Nazca
Me and TG boarded a bus from Lima to Nazca in the morning. We bought the bus tickets from a local travel agent there for a fairly cheap price. If I remember correctly it was something like $15 to $20, which for a 7 hour+ drive seemed reasonable to me.

The drive was very scenic and one of the best part of the trip for me. We got to see the slums outside of Lima, which are built on top of a hill that sits just outside the city. Looks a bit like the slums in Rio, but not quite as congested or "pretty", if you can call it that.

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The drive was along the coastline for quite a bit, so I got to see the locals hanging out at the beach and getting ready for the week ahead.

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We reached the hotel fairly late, about 10:00PM and the Nazca trip was early the next morning, so we decided to pack it in right away.

There was a little bit of an embarrassing moment at check-in where the desk clerk wanted to know if we wanted two beds or one in the room. Instead of just asking that question, she kept asking if we were married or not, which seemed like a strange way of requesting the needed info.

The morning of the flight
Our flight over Nazca was at 8:00 the next morning. You have to fly pretty high over the lines to actually see them, because they are 100's of meters in length and so pretty much not discernible from the ground. That's one of the mysteries behind them, i.e. how the ancients with their limited technologies could create such drawings that can only been appreciated from very high on up.

So, we got up at 7:00 and went to the hotel lobby. The shuttle was to take us to the plane at 7:30 and we thought we could grab a spot of breakfast before the jaunt.

But NO!

The front desk actually refused us breakfast because we were booked on the flight! At the moment we were quite annoyed and considered kicking up a racket, but the personnel there politely explained that the flight would be "errr ... a bit bumpy" and that it would be best if we didn't eat anything beforehand.

Unfortunately, the flight wasn't ready till about 11:00, so by the time the shuttle came, the sounds of our stomachs were drowning out the engine.

On the flight
So, we got to the airport (if you can call it that) and boarded the plane. It was a tiny, single-engine prop, which seemed quite scary at first. Somehow though, once I got in, I felt much more comfortable than I would have in a jet. The feeling that you could glide back to earth rather than drop like a rock if something went wrong with the engine made me feel better.

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So, the TG and I got into the plane and we were in the air in about 6 seconds. We flew for about 5 mins, when the pilot suddenly shouted "LOOK OUT THE LEFT WINDOW" in Spanish, just as he banked a HARD LEFT with the plane. I realized quickly that we were directly above one of the lines and looking straight down at it through the side window of the plane.

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Gigantic lines that seem to go nowhere in the desert. Runways for ancient aliens, maybe??

The next few mins were a series of "LOOK RIGHT NOW" followed by a HARD bank right of the plane, and then another "LOOK LEFT NOW" followed by a bank in that direction. It became very quickly apparent that the "bumpy ride" was a gross understatement. If you are afraid of flying, do not attempt this.

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Is that an astronaut in the desert? Or a greeting?

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A triangle into the horizon

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A Hummingbird in the Desert?? Why???

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A tree

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I think that's meant to be a bird

After about a half-hour of flying, we got back to the airport and woozily de-planed. After staggering to the shuttle, we collapsed in the back seats for the duration of the ride back to the hotel.

And THEN we ate our breakfast!
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Another shot of the hummingbird

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The spider

Name:  CRW_0871_RJ.jpg
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The dog
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What a beautiful place !
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Yes, it was great. Not very touristy, though. I would expected the usual over-development, but was surprised to not see any of that. This was 10 years ago, so things might have changed drastically.
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Wow! Beats crop circles!
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Those pictures are really interesting - how wonderful to have seen them in person!

Thanks for sharing these!
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Amazing, and a lovely reminder that despite everything, the world is still full of mystery.
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True. In spite of all of man's advances, we still don't know very much about the past.

On another note, I don't know if any of you have been to Cuzco, but if you're interested I'll write about that next.
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Amazing! I love the hummingbird!

Please do write about Cuzco too.
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I am thrilled...really a spine-chilling experience
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Great Lines and great photographs.
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wow..that is brilliant..did you go to Machu Pichu as well?
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Thanks for sharing. This looks adventurous.

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