From the Arctic to the Equator - Alaska to Amazona: Tales of Unforgiving Landscapes

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You know it is time to head home, when your batteries give up, your cellphone is lost, your saliva would have frozen has there been enough to freeze ! It is time to head home.

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There are no vagabonds or nomads - Just trapped and the free. Rest are all silly labels to delude one's imagination that there is anything more worthwhile than filling your stomach and that of your keeps - Be they dogs that sledge you, or the one that shelters you.

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One realizes in a moment of epiphany that there are no travelers just mere tourists. So said the native Alaskan, to a young man who wanted to live like the native did, in this unforgiving land, while searching for a signal on his iphone !

[to be continued]
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There are no guideposts except the guide, there are no signs except the stars, there are no stars for the sky is dark. You wait for the guide and you wait for the moon. Welcome to one of the last uncharted, untamed frontiers - The Amazona - The Amazon ecosystem.

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You know it is time to head home, When you begin to shiver, and the dawn steals your sleepless night and there might be insect might decide to feast your blood. You know its time when blistering bite of the hot equatorial rain is worse than that of the swarm of mosquitos and accidental touch of innocent looking fern rips off swatches of your skin - There are no travelers in this world - just mere tourists who can and will go home !

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There are some truths that are not self evident. Most important being - If you are deluding your own self - You will die - The Alaskan bears or the amazonian arachnids.

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Welcome Home
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Yo! Welcome to IM nycank!!! Wondered what had kept you.

Great pics! Love the Manaus boats - reminds me of Fitzcarraldo!

(Where are the Hawaii pics?)
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Land that shakes and bakes.
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Is that you in the tree.?
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Great description and photos. Welcome on India Mike. From Aug to Jan long time. May be next time you will write a line 'you going to see northern lights'
Best Regards,
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Ustad: bade bhaisaheb ...

Did you get to see Aurora Borealis . . . . . click photo

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Hawaiian Eco system

From beaches to Volcanos, from rain forests to high rises. Hawaii has it all.

From sleeping in the tents to 38th floor of luxury fract-condos. Hawaii is like no other..

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A meal - Swiss shabu-shabu or a Japanese Fondue ? Fusion or a compromise ? Delicious nonetheless.

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Winter migratory bird ? Or a local resident ?

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Chasing a silly little dream

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More of the Amazonian eco-system

Life in the Amazon is unlike Rio or Sao Paulo. A carioca does not appreciate a native from Para or belle from Manaus.

The two rivers - Rio Solimos with the reddish color and Rop Negro, the black. Not mixing for miles after they meet.

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A sea ? or a River ? the mouth of Amazon before it meets the Atlantic - About the width of England ? or from Gurgaon to Jaipur maybe

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Then there is the local rickshaw - the boat to take you from home to the downstream grocer ?

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Edifice to f 19th century rubber boom. The Opera house.

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The fishing boats docked next to the Mercado.

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Absent from the photos are the Amazonian eye candy
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Eye Candy! We Want the eye candy!
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Mee too
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Originally Posted by Nick-H View Post Eye Candy! We Want the eye candy!
Originally Posted by Legless soul View Post Mee too
This is a family-values site. June 13th midnight see Brazilian eye candy at the opening game. Or rather, look for better candy when they play in Fortaleza on 17th.
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wow..that's quite some variety for a single thread..and agree with you, all of us are tourists, no more how different we try to be. But that's alright..waiting for more.
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Awesome pics to see more of them...
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Edifice to f 19th century rubber boom. The Opera house.

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