Birthday trip to the awsome Iguazu falls, one of the worldīs seven natural wonders

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Being a waterfall lover, this particular place was one of my dream destinations from long long ago from the when I suddenly came across a picture of this wonderful falls. But at that time I did not imagine that I would ever be able to visit it in person. Hence it was a marvelous incident for me to go to Iguazu falls, one of the seven natural wonders on earth, and as told by a lot of people, the most beautiful waterfalls on the whole planet! From that very day, when I was scheduled to go to Argentina, this place was on my wishlist to visit. When I came here, even after spending almost the whole of 2014, I did not have an opportunity to visit it.
But then I decided what can be better to visit my dream destination on my birthday! In India I always used to take a day off on my birthday and make it special with my parents & near & dear ones. Here I could not do that, so treated myself with this trip to this outstanding place. Hence I planned for the trip in early January. Two of my Indian colleagues joined me in the trip.
Actually the waterfalls is so large that one needs at least two full days to explore it(if not more). Some part of it falls in Argentina & some part in Brazil. In order to see the Brazilian side, we made Brazilian tourist visa from Buenos Aires itself. It was an easy affair to get it done and we got it within couple of days after our visa appointment. It was a short trip consisting of only one weekend. We planned to get a flight on Friday evening, spend two nights over there, and then come back on Sunday night. So we booked the flight tickets and started eagerly waiting for the D day, or rather my B Day
On the most awaited day, we got out little early from the office, went to our apartment, took the bag & left for the airport in the afternoon, after a 2 hour long flight, we reached Iguazu on Friday night and headed for our hostel. The journey from airport to the hostel was a journey of around 45 minutes in a car. The road was very good & going through a jungle, this journey itself within the jungle gave us an idea of our next two days in the rain forest clad area. Apart from other Latin American folks, we met with one Australian lady also who was our roommate in the hostel. She was a solo traveler from Australia with a plan to go to destinations in various continents! The booking for next two days trip from the hostel was really troublesome as the receptionist did know very little Spanish, and as usual with our broken Spanish communication skill it took a long time to make out a plan for the next two days. At the midnight made a call to my sweet home via skype to get warm birthday wishes from my parents . It is always painful to stay away from parents , so had to manage with this on the birthday also
Next morning we planned to visit the Brazilian side of the falls, from this side we could go closer to the many points of the waterfalls. Actually the waterfalls consist of numerous small medium sized, large & gigantic cascades, falls & cataracts. And from the Argentine side we went the other points. From Argentine side one can get closer to most of the points, but from Brazilian side one can get better panoramic vista. And the helicopter ride to get the eagleīs eye view of the entire waterfalls also can be done from the Brazilian side only.
We took a bus to the Brazilian side, In between the journey, at the border, the bus stops for a while, all the people get down to get their passport stamped for immigration and then again get on the same bus to be transported to the entrance of the Iguazu national park. The park is a dense rainforest, and the waterfalls is situated in it on Iguazu river. After reaching the entrance we saw one agent insisting the travelers to go for the helicopter ride. Unless one takes the helicopter ride, one needs to wait in a long queue to get the tickets for the park. But as we opted for the helicopter ride, they told that one agent will arrange for the tickets and we just need to give the ticket amount to her and we do not need to wait in the queue. We went for the helicopter ride first. It was a very short ride for approximately 15 minutes, and the cost was a bit steep( 200 US$, around 13 thousand INR), but the birdīs eye view of the park as well as the whole waterfalls as seen from the helicopter is unparalleled . And it was really an once in a lifetime experience. At first we were flying on the dense green foliage of the rainforest as we often see in National Geographic / Discovery channel. Iguazu river was cutting through it. After couple of minutes we saw the waterfalls along with the mist covering some of the portions created from the huge plunge of the waterflow. The copter went pretty close & we saw it from different angles. Believe me, it was a scene to behold! And this cannot be seen without the helicopter ride. I hope some of my pictures would give you an idea of the same.
After the awesome helicopter ride, we entered the park. Because of being foreign nationals the entry fee was higher for us. Though we had temporary residential card of Argentina(DNI), it did not help to reduce the entry fee. After entering we had to get on a double decker bus. There were very good concrete roads in the park, and the bus will drop us to different locations and from those different places we could see the waterfalls and the park itself also is very beautiful with the deep green foliage of the rain forest & numerous creatures including Jaguars, various snakes & various birds also dwell in this forest. Once we completed visiting from one place, we can get another bus from the same place, those are free. The places were awesome. In one place people can get very close to the waterfalls & get drenched with the water particles flying away there. There is option to rent raincoat also to that place. As it was really very hot & humid (remember, as this section of earth is in the southern hemisphere, it is summer here in January), it felt good to get drenched there . Actually Buenos Aires is not so hot in the summer months also, but these places are quite hot in summer like Indian tropical climate. After spending the whole day there we came back to our hostel & spent some relaxing time in swimming pool on the hot evening, and soon it rained cats & dogs to provide us a more relieved and nice time. After feasting with some good ice creams I went to bed to take rest for next day, when we scheduled to walk a lot.
Next morning, from the same bus stop we went to the Argentine side of the falls. Here we took one map, and started walking through the forest trails to go to different places. In one of the places we planned to do the famous boat ride to the devilīs throat. This boat ride takes one to the closest possible position of the falls with largest waterfall. The place is covered with mist. We had to cover all our camera & electronics goods before we got closer .We got completely drenched in the water though we were still quite far from it, as it is actually impossible to go any closer & being alive. The boat ride was really very thrilling. After the boat ride we saw the waterfalls from few other points, and from all the places and all the angles it looked gorgeous. From some of the places we saw rainbows that are permanent throughout the day! From some of the places it seemed that we came to some prehistoric place. It was just fantabulous. After viewing the waterfalls for two whole days also, I longed to see it for some more time. But it was time to say adios and head for the airport to go back to the routine life in Buenos Aires.

The Eagleīs eye view of the gorgeous falls & the Iguazu river situated in the lush green dense rainforest from helicopter-

The falls as well as the national park as seen while in the Brazilian side-

The falls as well as the national park as seen from the Argentine side-

The thrilling boat ride to the devilīs throat-

Some pictures of the land of the eternal rainbows!

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Outstanding, awesome...I'm thrilled. You are a lucky person.
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Wonderful trip report - wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for the great report on your journey. Like you, I've always wanted to go there since seeing photos of it as a child. I haven't made it yet, but......

Wonderful photos!
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Thank you for taking us on another journey. Belated happy birthday tourer.
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Wonderful sights, photos, and a belated happy birthday wish..
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Thanks to each one of you for all your nice comments, because of all these kind of words only I got the inspiration to write the trip report even after 9 months of the trip(yes the trip was done long back in January!, reminding you just in case you have overlooked )
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After getting DNI , I always paid the domestic rates wherever there was differential rates for domestic and foreigners.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do....... Explore. Dream. Discover.

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