Krishnanagar – Mayapur – Murshidabad.. Little escape from the chores…

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Friends I’m back after a short trip to Krishnanagar – Bethuadahari – Mayapur, which eventually turned to a jumbo version, through a haste and unplanned addition of Murshidabad in the itinerary. I believe this is the result of the TR by Asish Sir on my part and insist of dear ones to elongate the vacation. There is absolutely no regret as the trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

I would not make the TR much descriptive, with such beautiful write-ups by Asish Sir and mousourik and others, enriching the Forum, rather would try to post recent photos and update with current information’s.

The Preface :

After a glance with the calendar for 2015, during December 2014, I struck with the dates of 23rd. to 26th. January, with a Sunday punched in. Wow.. it was long we had a vacation ( except the Pujo ) and immediately started tossing with the idea of a small outing. I was bit skeptical for all 4 days as I had some engagement on 26th. and so started google-ing for a short vacation. That is when I stumped on IndiaMike and got some excellent information and advice for a short trip. My humble thanks to Asish Sir, mousourik, and everyone else at IM.

Zeroed on Krishnanagar – Bethusdahari – Nabadwip/Mayapur for 3 Days 2 Nights, and then included Ballal Dhipi and Shivnivas after running through the TR of mousourik.

We were a gang of five, with my in-laws, senior citizen, joining us, . Junior is now almost Senior (compared to My Andaman Diaries ).

Considering the age of my in-laws, decided to take the 10.48 AM Krishnanagar Local from Sealdha. Now it was turn to get a decent accommodation. After a heart-breaking refusal from Bethuadahari WLS Rest House and unavailability at Lobelia Hotel (details received from IM) I started hunting for a confirmation. Finally confirmed Lodge Konark, A. H. Mitra Road, Krishnanagar, with recommendation from a local of Krishnanagar.

The provisional itenery was to halt at Krishnanagar and make trip to Bethuadahari & Mayapur.

Day 1 – Reach Krishnanagar by afternoon. After Lunch, city tour of Krishnanagar. Overnight stay at Krishnanagar.

Day 2 – Krishnanagar to Bethuadahari & Ballal Dhipi. Post Lunch trip to Majdiha for Shivnivas. Back and overnight stay at Krishnanagar.

Day 3 – Krishnanagar to Mayapur followed by Nabadwip. Return to Krishnanagar station for return to Sealdha / Kolkata.

All set on 22nd. Reconfirmed with the Lodge and in-laws, who would catch us at Sealdha station.

The Journey : (23.01.2015)

Reached Sealdha station around 10.15 AM and got the Tickets for Krishnanagar @ Rs. 25/- per head.

The train was to be on platform no. 1 but arrived late, at 10.50AM. Everyone rushed to have their preferred seats. It’s almost a 2 and ½ hours travel in a local train, and so being comfortable was important.

Finally the train start at 11.00 AM sharp and after 2 stations became fully packed. Standing passengers, hawkers, vendors, beggars’ and everyone else, with huge commotion the train swiftly made its way through the green fields and overcrowded stations.

Thoroughly enjoying the hullabaloo and occasional savoring on jhal-muri (mixed puffed rice), chai (tea) and kamala lebu (oranges) we finally reached Krishnanagar at 1.30PM. The Lodge owner Mr. Chatterjee asked to give him a call once we reach Krishnanagar. He directed to take a “Tuktuki” (small battery powered rickshaw – now commonly available around Kolkata - Toto) and reach Vivekanda Statue at D. L. Roy Road and then turn right, bang opposite to Yogiraj Lodge.

A mere 10 minutes ride, we reached our destination, Lodge Konark, for Rs. 50/- ( Rs. 10/- per head).

Krishnanagar – Matir putul r sarbhaja (Clay models and sweet)

We checked in the Lodge, where Chottu – the Manager cum Steward cum Service Boy was waiting for us. To our utter surprise we were allotted 2 mega size well ventilated rooms on the second floor with a common balcony, clean linen and toilets and two buckets of hot water for refreshing.

Chottu advised us to have lunch to the very nearby Hotel Bhagyalakshmi, near Sadar Bus Stand Netaji statue.

We were all very hungry and savored gladly on the tasty meal. Veg. Rice – Rs. 35/-, Egg rice – Rs. 40/-, Fish Rice – Rs. 55/-, Chicken Rice – Rs. 80/-, with an assortment of 2 veg. dishes and fries.

With our tummy full we decided to make a quick trip of the city, and called upon the same tuktuki – Mr. Rana - over phone. He obliged us within 15 minutes and settled for Rs. 300/- for 3 - 4 hours ride sight-seeing the city.

Our first stop was Catholic Church which unfortunately was found to be closed and would open at 4.00PM. Rana immediately turned his tuktuki towards Rajbari or Krishnanagar Palace.

The Rajbari, as reported earlier was not accessible and little could be found peeping through the gates. The old Singhduar or Main entrance is all ruined and in the verge of destruction as we found many picnic parties having merry time riding the broken staircase and using the monument as the favored pee-spot.

Junior trying his way..

Our next destination was Ghurni, the clay model souvenir shop area. The ladies took long to browse almost 10 shops and managed to bag few models after a hard bargain. The prized ones, ranging above Rs. 2000/-, mainly of Goddess Durga, could be glass cased and couriered to your home, if desired.

An array of colourful Gods..

Krishnanagar Women Police Station...

Beautiful Murals in front of the Police /station..

Assembly of Heros..

Burimatala.. Place for worshiping Goddess Jagatdhatri.. on the way..

We really speeded to our next destination, the Catholic Church, as it was getting dark. Almost an hour and half well spend. Murals, Statues, Glass paintings, beautifully manicured garden and the silent prayer hall.

The crucifixion of Jesus. beautifully depicted through status and writings...

After a brief stroll along the Sadar market we called it a day and went back to the Lodge after dinner at Asha Restaurant, near Netaji statue, Sadar bus stand.

But then…. Our great Mr. Chottu informed that the renowned Adhar Chardra’s shop is just 6 to 8 building ahead from our Lodge, on the opposite direction. About turn, and forward march… Adhar Chardra Das.. Sharbhaja ‘n Sarpuria. Not a great sweet fan, but still enjoyed. Price seemed on a higher side compared to the size. Rs. 16/- per piece or Rs. 480/- per Kg.

A Journey declined is a Learning denied...
______________________________ ___

My Andaman Diaries. | Amritsar – Wagha Border. | Krishnanagar-Mayapur-Murshidabad |
Rajasthan | Deoghar-Rajgir-Bodhgaya
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Great going ! Waiting for the next part..
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Thanks sopan4u and everyone else..

Bethua – Ballal Dhipi – Shivnivas – a diverse combination (24.01.2015)

Last night I had managed to book a car for today’s travel after checking all car hiring joints. Finalized with Mr. Raju ( Raja ghosh) for a Tata Manza after recommendation from Chottu. The deal was Rs. 1350/- flat for 150 kms., post which Rs. 9/- per km.

The car came well ahead of time and we started at 10.00 AM. Had breakfast at a very well stocked eatery at Dhubulia more – Jharna Sweets, with Parota, Puri sabji and sweets. Purchased some Oranges and proceeded towards Bethuadahari.

Though the ride was not very smooth as the wideing of the NH-34 is in progress and the condition of the road is terrible at many points, we reached Bethuadahari at 11.30 AM. Tickets bought @ Rs. 10/- per head and car parking charges paid @ Rs. 20/-.

Walking inside the jungle was just fabulous, except the occasional sound of the loud speakers from the locality Saraswati Puja .

Didn’t spot Deer except a faint movement on the opposite side of the lake. A heard of Alligators inside the pond. Good no. of Peacocks and Birds and a lone Nilgai. Went inside the Nature Interpretation Centre @ Rs. 2/-. Few models on display. I must admit that the maintenance of the WLS is quite impressive.

Had some Berries and Guava mixed with lime / salt / pepper outside the WLS. Our next destination was Ballal Dhipi, near Bamunpukur Bazar, on the way towards Mayapur, turning right from NH-34, crossing the Rail Gate.

The Bamunpukur Bazar turned out to be a chaotic place with van, cycles, trolley parked on the narrow lane. However Biswajit ( oh !! I forgot to mention… our driver was Biswajit Sarkar, a local resident of Kishnanagar) struggled his way and reached almost near to the destination.. Rest we walked on foot.

The ASI is working on the site and concrete wall is getting erected to protect from grazing animals and unaware locals…

Coming back from the site, at around 2.30 PM we really felt hungry, and Biswajit suggested a not so good looking Balaji Dhaba along-side NH-34 for lunch. The food turned to be amazingly tasty and was moderately priced. Probably we were tooooo hungry and simple rice meal tasted finger licking good.. really…

A 15 minutes rest and zoom we start for Majdia.. Shivnivas. Passing the rural Bengal felt really refreshing, with the cool breeze and lush green fields. The road condition of SH-8 was somewhat good except at some places.

Reached near the Churni river after a 45 minutes drive. A bamboo bridge to be crossed to reach the temples – Shivnivas. Toll for Bamboo bridge , walking Rs.1/- ,cycle – Rs.2/- and motorbikes Rs.3/-. Paid Rs. 10/- for 5 persons, to & fro.

The Shiv lingam at the main temple is reportedly Asia Biggest.. seems so. But the place need rigorous publicity and infrastructure to be in the tourist map of West Bengal.

A rather smaller one at the other temple.

Rejuvenated with the holy darshan and refreshed with a dose of kamla lebu.. we started to retreat. Its 5.30PM and we would return to Krishnanagar for the night.

The Group..

With Junior and Biswajit...

The setting sun while we retreat..

Had dinner at the same place and good night for a refreshing next day trip to Mayapur & Nabadwip.
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Nice start........Great going..........pour more...............
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Thanks Arpan and everyone else for your comments and liking..

Mayapur – Nabadwip …abundance of God.. (25.01.2015)

As planned, we wanted to start early for Mayapur and would return to Krishnanagar by afternoon, for train to Kolkata, through Nabadwip on the way back. Now…here the big trick came in… The fairer sex members started to doubt weather both the places could be well covered within this short span. Visit Chandradaya Temple at Mayapur, Have Prasadam ( Bhog), pay homage to Krishna Bhagaban … and … that is not the end. Nabadwip has so much on offer ….

Original plan cancelled… Decided to stay at Krishnanagar again… Lodge booking extended… Would take next day’s train to Sealdha. …. Everyone HAPPY…

Now we decided not to take a car, but to avail Bus service. Chottu informed that frequent Buses available just from the road across.

This time we had Breakfast at Karunamoyee Sweets, on D. L. Mitra Road. Loochi-alu sabji with misti (Puri-veg with Sweets). very tasty indeed.

Came back to the Bus Stop and got a descent Bus with available seats. Fare Rs. 20/- per head, time taken 1 hour, disembark at ISKCON Main Gate. Pretty cool..

Reached ISKCON at 10.45 AM, so rushed for the Prasadam Tickets. Ordinary Rs.30/-, Deluxe Rs.70/-, Special (with Table-Chair facility) Rs.150/-. Settled for the Deluxe @ Rs.350/- for 5.

Visit to the Shrila Prabhupada temple requires depositing the shoes, luggage including Mobile phones, Camera at their cloak room @ Rs.10/- per group.

The Prasadam (Bhog) timings are at 12.30, 1.00 and 1.30 PM respectively, and after a quick round at the Radha Krishna Temple went to the Gada Bhavan, where Bhog is served. To our sheer SHOCK it was a queue almost ½ km long.

The dining room could accommodate around 1000 people at one go and the serving was through wheel fitted large tub. Simply fascinating.. Food quality, quantity and serving was good.

The huge Chandrodaya Temple comstruction is on... Mega Projext!!!

A small rest followed with some photo session, we proceed for Nabadwip. Took a Bus for the ferry ghat @ Rs.6/- each for a ride of 10 minutes. Crossing Bhagirathi through motorized country boat is a experience itself. Ticket @Rs.2/- per head.

Reached Nabadwip Ghat at 4 PM, had tea, booked another Tuktuki at Rs.250/- for complete 7-8 spots (temple).

No Monkey Business... Welcome to Nabadwip..

The notable are Raja-Rani Temple, Sri Chaitanya Math, Sonar Gouranga Temple, Poramatala and Samaj Bari. The last two was recomemded by IMer atala on a separate thread.


Goddess Saraswati .. on the way..

Sonar Gouranga.. Pics could be taken on a token donation (!!)

Returned to the Ghat for the ferry to Krishnanagar – Swarupganj Ghat at 6.30 PM. Ferry charge @Rs.2/- per head and then by Bus to Krishnanagar Sadar Bus stand by Bus @Rs.8/- per head.

Reached Krishnanagar at 7.30PM preciously. After a short stroll had dinner at another Hotel at the same place and back to Lodge.

Now its packing back for Kolkata. (???????)
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Thanks all...

Murshidabad.. History reloaded.. (26.01.2015)

Okay… that was at Krishnanagar and today morning we ought to leave for Kolkata.

I woke up bit late and felt gloomy… D. was packing the bags while Junior and in-laws was helping her.

Suddenly, I don’t know why, I announced that my hangover it not yet over and probably another day or two required to overcome the Monday Blues (*t it was Tuesday)..

D. surprisingly looked at me and uttered….Your office????.. Body language of D. , Junior and even my in-laws revealed the hidden delight and was expecting what I said next… “We would rather extend the vacation than returning to Kolkata and the daily chores..” , I bawled like a baby!!!

Kolkata cancelled.. had a short discussion.. determined, I vouched for Murshidabad.. off to Krishnanagar Station for taking Ranaghat Lalgola Memu at 12.30 PM. Ticket Rs. 25/- per head. Time 2 and ½ hours.

I called up few Hotel (details from IM by Asish Das and Holiday IQ). Manjusa Lodge could give 1 first floor and 1 second floor room. Tried some others and in haste selected Hotel Annewesha. They asked to give a call once we reach Murshidabad.

The train was crowded but within few stations, we got ourselves comfortable. Actually the pain was overshadowed by the joy of ‘out of home’.

Reached Murshidabad station at 3.00 PM and called up the Lodge and after a small negotiation they agreed for Rs.400/- per room per day. Hired a Tuktuki, initially asked for Rs.50/-, but agreed for Rs.40/- to drop at the Hotel.

God… it again turned to be a great luck.. We got two first floor front room with balcony. Rooms clean, spacious, clean linen and toilets. What more could we ask for Rs.400/- and when the tour is beyond the schedule and thus on budget.

The lodge is just 10 meters away from Manjusa Lodge, on the same line.

The Manager recommended Friends Hotel for Lunch and at 4.15 we had our MUCH required LUNCH, with simple but delicious thalis. Veg. Rs. 50/- Egg – Rs. 60/- Fish – Rs.70/-, Chicken - Rs.100/-, with unlimited serving of rice / dal / 3 type vegetable / fries / chatni.

We went for a stroll at the Hazar Duari and Imambara, but was high jacked with the luring offer from a Tunga-wala for few sight-seeing. Asked for Rs.250/- but finally settled for Rs.200/-.

Junior ... and his Cannon..

It happened that when we reached Kathgola Bag it was completely dark. Disgusted and cursing the Tanga-wala we rushed to the Ticket counter and got the Tickets. Was offered a Guide Service @Rs. 50/-. Reluctantly, took his service also. (This turned to be our luck again, later). Although we had to hurry, but the guide- Mr. Paban Das took pain in explaining every details and seemed knowledgeable about the place.

I thought of returning to the place again, tomorrow, go get good pics and take a detailed look. We made whirlwind visit to Jagat Seth’s palace, Raghunath-ji Mandir, Jafarganj Estate etc. and came back to the Hotel.

Jain Mandir at Jagat Singh's Home..

Huge Utensils...(!!!)


Had dinner again at the evening outlet (on the main road) of Friend Hotel, roti-sabji-tarka, quite delicious and at a moderate rate.

Before going to bed, it’s time to run through IM and Murshidabad TR’s again and plan for tomorrow.
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History continues …(27.01.2015)

This day I was well prepared with the itinerary after a detail review of Murshidabad, and called for the Tuktuki who brought us at the Hotel. After negotiation, Mr. Sufal, the driver agreed to take us to Khosbagh, on the other side of the river and also a complete sight-seeing of Murshidabad town, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Deal at Rs.500/- (tickets for ferry included).

He arrived right on time and we had our breakfast on the way to the ferry ghat at a small road side eatery, with puri-sabji.

The ferry are big country boat with bamboo platform where passengers stand alongwith cycles, motorcycles and even tuktuki and also four wheelers. … OMG.. very risky indeed.

Crossing the Jalangi!!

Khosbagh was scenic and quite.. a brief stay and retreat via a small kali temple(?).. Crossing the river again by ferry.


Returning...another ferry with a loaded car !!!

Our next destination was Motijheel.. Quite a big one. A big project of park and rides and beatification in on along the border of the Motijheel. Came to know that would be opened for public by another 2 -3 years.

The mosque at Motijheel..

Next was Jahan Khosa Gun. The massive cannon of 7 ton. (Who used to operate this????)

After another 20 minutes ride reached Katra Mosque. Well maintained garden and the old mosque renovated at places. A wonderful place to spend some time. Picture sessions followed with tea from a stall outside the gate.:roll eyes:

Junior atop..

On the way, just before the level crossing, visited Futa Mosjid. Its in a very sad condition and no restoration or preservation done. We met a elderly Swiss couple who came all the way from Goa-Delhi-Jaipur-Kolkata-Malda-Gour. They also were sad at the sight of a local man pi**ing on a side wall.

Meet our little self guide...

We then finally landed on to my previous days destination, Katgola Bagh, after a ride of almost ½ hour.

A Cordial Welcome...

The underpath...leads to Jagat Seth's home almost a km away...

the ruins of the zoo..

Beautiful Gulab (Rose) Garden....

The picture perfect Jain Mandir...

The Group in the Garden....

The Valley of Flowers....

The Palace....

After spending almost an hour we proceeded towards Nashipur Palace. Not well maintained, although restoration work is in progress..

The Hanuman Mandir inside the palace...

The Front View..

The Nemak-haram deuri on the way... Not allowed inside..

Its was almost 2.00 PM then and we hurriedly proceeded to our next destination. The Jafar Ganj - the cemetery of Mir Jafar's inheritors' followed with Tomb of Azimunna Begum also known as Kalija khaki begum.

Jafar Ganj...

Tomb of Unnesa Begum....

caught him embarrassing!!

Its almost 3.00 PM and we speeded towards Hazarduari. Left the Tuktuki at Friends Hotel, had a quick meal and off we went inside. Gate closes at 5.00PM. No Camera / Mobile allowed inside (???).

The Clock tower...

The setting sun....

The Imambara.....

The Mosque at the corner...

On a lighter note.....

Had a evening tea at the garden and pic. session followed with browsing the souvenir shops lining the road behind. Had a hearty dinner again at evening outlet of Friends Hotel.

Adieu Murshidabad.!!!!

Tomorrow we would take the Train – Lalgola Sealdha Memu at 12.28 Noon and off to Kolkata.

Refreshed. … Revived. … Rejuvenated.. back to work.
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A perfect follower of our dada
aamar payer tolai sorshe...(I have wheels under my feet)
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Thanks DJ for your so many likes and Thanks for your blushing comments.. I'm absolutely not scalable to the height of Asish Sir...

Here I come with the updated Information and Contacts..
Hotels / Lodge
a. Krishnanagar

Lodge Konark – DBR Rs. 600/-, discounted to Rs. 500/- for last day. (Negotiation solicited)
Cont. Owner - 094341 59579 / Chottu – 089640 00521.
Lodge Puspanjali – SR – Rs. 450/-, DBR – Rs. 650/-, AC DBR – Rs. 950/- (Nego. Solicited)
Cont. Onwer – 94341 05227
Lodge Aishwarya – DBR – Rs. 600/- (Negotiation solicited)
Cont. Pintu – 097345 89122
Lodge Trinath – DBR – Rs. 550/- (Negotiation solicited)
Cont. Suman Pal – 03472 252545

b. Murshidabad
Hotel Annweshwa - DBR Rs. 600/- discounted to Rs. 400/- (Negotiaion solicited) May go upto Rs.800/- during peak season. Cont. – Owner – 094341 15470.Hotel Friends (Fooding) – 097326 09084
Vehicle :
a. Car at Krishnanagar – Raja Ghosh (Raju) – 089677 57474.
b. Tuktuki at Krishnanagar – Rana – 076994 79649
c. Tuktuki at Murshidabad – Sufal – 098002 15626.

Others :
a. Guide at Kathgola Bag (Murshidabad ) – Paban Das 097331 39322.
( I forgot to mention : When we reached Katgola Bagh on the 2nd. Day, i.e 27th. We met Mr. Paban, for the second time. By then we had purchased the entry ticket. Mr. Paban immediately recognized us and took us to the counter for returning the Tickets. Tickets refunded and again he accompanied us through a long tour of the Bagh, explaining ditto. No money taken. Free..
!!! What an act of gratitude !!! )
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Hope you liked my hometown(Krishnagar) ??
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Thanks Tourer... I really appreciate your home-town and would look forward for repeat visit on weekends....
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Originally Posted by Suman D. View Post Thanks Tourer... I really appreciate your home-town and would look forward for repeat visit on weekends....
Sure, hope that we´ll be able to meet also someday in case of any need, if you visit again after I go back to our country

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