Kolkata to Delhi by car

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Originally Posted by nasim15 View Post Does anybody has any experience?

Its really an awesome idea to travel Kolkata from Delhi by car. I wish you a very pleasant journey.
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hey guys, i want to travel through NH- 2 till Dhanbad, on my new dazzler with a pillion rider. we are planning our journey in mid november. i have few questions in my mind.

1. Is it safe to travel distance more than a thousand on NH-2 by a two-wheeler?
2. Will Mid- November a good time for the journey?
3. Will Dazzler good to serve the purpose?

Pls gv reply. According to them i’ll plan my journey……………”
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Kolkata, India
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No Problem - stick to day driving only .
Rainbow Warrior.
#19 Sep 13th, 2010, 21:41
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i have a car with wb number plate and registration
will there be any problem if i drive to delhi and use it extensively in and around delhi?
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As per RTO rules , it should not be more than 1 month you can drive your vehicle in other states otherewise you are liable to pay road taxes, suggest you keep all your inward toll taxes receipts while drive in delhi , incase required you can prove it from your toll taxes receipts.
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I need suggestion

Originally Posted by chief61 View Post My suggestion is to drive during daytime, Naxalite does
not make problems to a common motorist not even inside
deep orissa or Andhra, My Suggestion is to start from
Kolkata by early morning , by late afternoon or early
evening you will reach Varanasi , Take a rest overnight
at Varanasi, start early morning from Varanasi , by evening
you should be at Delhi, for Lunch you can stop at Mathura
or Agra, Road good Throughout the Route.

Please note you will be driving all through om NH2 (National
Highway 2 ) not GT Road ( Grand trank Road ) , GT road is
an old defunct road , which merges in some places with NH2,
Some of the popular Map books showed NH2 and GT Road is
same, but in practical these are two different Road.

You will enjoy True India while Driving.

Dear Chief,

I want to know the details from Kolkata to Delhi by car.
I have Sumo Grande. Regarding route,then security,expenses etc.
Please advise.
Rajib Mukherjee
#22 Jul 22nd, 2011, 18:37
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Hi Rajib ,

Welcome to India Mike ,
Kolkata to Delhi by road is a very
straight forward road, Take NH2 all
long from Kolkata - Dankuni - Burdwan
- Durgapur - Barhi - Sasaram - Mohania
- Varanasai - Allabahad - Kanpur - Agra
- Mathura - Delhi.

Preferably day driving , first day start
early AM reach Varanasi by late afternoon
/ evening , take rest for the night ,
next day start early morning , can stop
at Agra for overnight stay or drive till
Delhi .

Most of major towns enroute have bypasses ,
and there will be no hardle to passing through
such towns .

Security issues are same as other places in India,
Nothing partcular.


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