Dooars Trip: Just Returned......

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Just returned after having a wonderful trip at Dooars from 24 Nov 2012 to 29 Nov 2012.

I thank india mikers and especially Asish Da for his continuous support and guidance in fulfilling our dream come true.

His guidance are at:

My itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 (24.11.12): Journey started from Sealdah Station for New Mal Jn by Kanchan Kanya Express at 20.30 hrs.

Day 2 (25.11.12): Reached New Mal Jn at 10.25 a.m (Late running of train). Mr. Hasanur Habir was waiting for us at New Mal Jn. He picked us in his Maruti Omni and took us to "PWD Inspection Bungalow, Chalsa", a great place to stay for next few days. Took our lunch in a roadside restaurant and started our first trip to "Gorumara Watch Tower tour" at "Medhla Watch Tower" from where we saw Rhino, Bison, Peacock, Wild boar and Asian elephants. "Mose-r Gari" ferry us from the entrance of Medhla upto Watch Tower. The journey was really pleasurable and memorable. Enjoyed a splendid Tribal Dance Programme at Gorumara and reached Chalsa at about 08.00 p.m. On our return journey through the forest, we had a thrilling experience of an elephant blocking the road and hijacked us for about half an hour.

Day 3 (26.11.12): Went to Chapramarhi (enroute), View Point, Dalgaon; Jhalong & Bindu and admired the beauty of nature. Also visited Jaldhaka Hydel Power Project sites (Site 1 & 2).

Day 4 (27.11.12): Visited Samsing, Suntalikhola, Rocky Island, Tea Estates, Picnic Spot.

Day 5 (28.11.12): Check out the Bungalow at about 11.00 a.m and visited "Chalsa Station" (enroute), "Shree Shibam Balaji Temple, Malbazar" (must to see during the journey), MongPong, Coronation Bridge, Sevokeshwari Kali Temple during our journey back to New Jalpaiguri Station. Reached NJP Station at 04.00 p.m. Boarded "Padatik Express" for Sealdah, which departed at 21.00 hrs sharp.

Day 6 (29.11.12): Reached Sealdah Station at 08.00 a.m. The train was on right time upto Dum Dum Jn, where it reached at 06.30 a.m. From Dum Dum Jn to Sealdah station, it took 1 hr 30 mins. Thanks to Indian Railways for a memorable ending.

Mr. Hasanur Kabir is our driver during the journey with his Maruti Omni. He is really a friendly person with immense knowledge of the various tourist spots. His contact No. is 9733130010.

He charged Rs. 5700/- for the entire journey from Day 2 to Day 5 i.e. pickup from New Mal Jn to drop at NJP Station. Parking Fee extra.

In this context, I like to share that during my planning stage, I consulted 2 more drivers for my trip. Mr. Raju quoted last Rs 7500/- and other Mr. Biswajit Das quoted Rs. 2300/- per day (Rs. 2300 X 4=Rs. 9200/- inclusive of all) for the entire journey.

Some other Information which may be helpful to others while planning their tour to Dooars:

Medhla Watch Tower (Gorumara)

Entry Fee - Rs. 100/- per head
"Mose-r gari" Charge - Rs. 35/- per head (to ferry the tourist from Main entrance to Watch Tower)
Guide Charge - Rs. 150/- per group

Tourist entering the forest in the last slot of the day i.e. 03.00 p.m to 05.30 p.m is given a refreshment (Biscuits and a cup of tea) with a Tribal Dance Programme (about 20-30 minutes).


"Amita Hotel"
P.O. Gairibas, P.S. Jaldhaka, Dist: Darjeeling
Contact Nos. 9531751101

Rates: Veg Momo @ Rs.30/- for 9 pieces, Chicken Momo @ Rs 40/- for 8 pieces, Tea, Coffee, Chicken Rice, Motton Rice, Chowmin, Egg Roll, Chicken Chilli, Veg Rice.

One can order the lunch here while going to Bindu and have it on its return journey.

Jhalong is a village, which is located 99 km away from Siliguri in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. Situated on the banks of river Jaldhaka near the India-Bhutan border, this village is popular for its scenic beauty. The major attraction in the region is the Jaldhaka Hydro Electricity Project on the Jaldhaka River. This hydroelectric project is the first of its kind in India.

Considered as a birdwatcher's paradise, this village is home to several hill birds and migratory water fowl. Hill birds like kingfisher, brown dipper, redstart and laughing thrush can be spotted in this destination. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, the village is also popular among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.


Parking Fee - Rs. 20/- per Car/jeep.
Videography/ Photography - Strict restriction within the premises of Jaldhaka Project and its vicinity to Bhutan border.

Jaldhaka Hydel Project
It is one of the foremost hydro electric projects in the country which serves as a bridge to go across Bhutan. The site is encircled by the walls and visitors are required to get an approval from the West Bengal State Electricity Board (WBSEB) authorities. Moreover, tourists can also visit the forest cottage which is located in Jhalong nearby the Jaldhaka River, but was damaged due to disturbance in the area.

Suntaley Khola

(a) Parking Charges - Bus @Rs.20/-, Car @ Rs. 15/- & Bike @ Rs. 10/-. Fee collected by "Forest and Suntaley Khola Resort Protection Committee" at "Samsing Fari Busty".

(b) Cab/Jeep charges from "Samsing Fari Busty" to "Suntaley Khola" - Rs. 150/-. Tourist Cars are not allowed beyond Samsing Fari Busty. Tourist can walk about 3 kms to Suntaley Khola instead of hiring a cab/jeep and enjoy the roadside serene of nature.

Service of Share Jeep

The service of Share Jeep is available in the entire route. Charges are:
Malbazar to Chalsa - Rs. 10/- per head
Chalsa to Meteli - Rs. 10/- per head
Meteli to Samsing - Rs. 15/- per head

Site seeing Charges in Car

New Mal to Lataguri - Rs. 800/-
Chalsa / Lataguri to Jhalong Bindu & back - Rs. 1600/-
Chalsa / Lataguri to Samsing Suntaleykhola & back - Rs. 1600/-
Chalsa to NJP Station (Drop) - Rs. 1200/-
Chalsa to Medhla Watch Tower & back - Rs. 1500/-
New Mal Jn to Chalsa (Drop) - Rs. 300/-

I thank "Asish Da" for his guidance and support in converting my dream into reality.
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Our Driver Mr Hasanur Kabir with his Maruti Omni

Name:  IMG1198A.jpg
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His contact No. is 9733130010. He is a local person based at Murti.
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Info on "Chalsa PWD Bunglow"

Situated at 9 Kms from New Mal Jn. PWD Bungalow has two buildings. One is a log cottage with 3 double bedded room in the ground floor and 1 five bedded room above it. Another building is a concrete one, which has got 4 double bedded room. Every double bedded room can accommodate 4 peoples. Staying at log cottage is an experience in itself. On the other hand view from the other building is awesome.

The name of Rooms are:
(i) New Building: Leesh, Gheesh, Kurti, Murti (all double bedded rooms)
(ii) Log Cottage: Meenglas, Mission Hill, Marry Bong, Goodhope, Grass More

Booking is mainly done by Malbazaar PWD office.

Contact Address: Executive Engineer, Nagrakata Construction Division, Mal, Jalpaiguri - 735221.

Contact No./Fax: 03562-255129

Rates: Rs. 180/- per head per day for private individuals.

The total amount has to be paid to the Bungalow Chowkidar after checking out the room.

There is no Canteen facility provided by the authority, but there is a good Dining hall. Bungalow Chowkidar arranges for food at a very very nominal rate, unbelievable. Gas rent @ Rs. 10/- per head per meal and cost of vegetables as per required dish of the tourist.
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Dooars Map.....Helped me in my tour.....

Name:  Map of Duars.jpg
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Name:  Map_Blue.jpg
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Name:  NB.jpg
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Hi Kol2012,

Congrats for the trip!

Thanks a lot for the details!

I have plans to stay in Dhupjhora Elephant Camp on 29th January, 2013. I plan to take elephant safari in Dhupjhora on 30th morning and then proceed to Murti and stay there. On 31st we have Padatik Express which leaves at 9 pm from NJP so essentially we have whole day. Can you suggest some places or things that can be done on 31st?

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Thanks a lot for uploading the maps.

Is it possible to increase the resolution of the first map in post #4 ?
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Smile Nice Report

Detailed report! Thanks for sharing with us!
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Rare Glimpses from Medhla Watch Tower (Gorumara)

Name:  DSCN0279.jpg
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Name:  DSCN0290.jpg
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Thumbs up

Can't have a better guide with details ... great job!
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Thanks Jito, kaushik4u,mousourik & anirband84 for your inspiration.

@ mousourik
I scanned the map and uploaded it. How to increase the resolution? help.

If you had not earlier visited Samsing, Suntalikhola, Rocky Island, then you can try. The journey through Tea estates and Orange garden is really fascinating. Its a half day tour. If you can start early after taking your breakfast, say at about 7 / 8 a.m, then you can easily reach NJP by 6 p.m. after covering the above mentioned places and the places that I have covered on Day 5. Chalsa to NJP through By-pass is about 2 hrs drive (non-stop). for your trip.
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Some Snaps

On the way to New Mal Jn from NJP by Kanchan Kanya Express

Name:  2.jpg
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Name:  3.JPG
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Chalsa Station

Name:  chalsa2.jpg
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Name:  chalsa1.jpg
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Tea Estates / Garden

Name:  Tea estates1.jpg
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Name:  Tea estates2.jpg
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Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal.
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very nice and informative TR...really enjoyed..
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Thanks santanu6971.
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Some More Snaps

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I'm sorry, I was away for a few days and did not have access to Internet during these days. So long I had missed your beautiful, crisp, informative log. Great job. I am happy I could be of some help to accomplish your trip. I knew about Chalsa PWD Bungalow (I have a distant relative living at Chalsa) and I was thinking to use it during my next trip to Dooars. Your information would be great help. By the way, how many people were there in your group and how much did you spend in total for the entire trip? Thanks.

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