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So many volunteer aboard companies charge an arm and a leg to volunteer your time....Check out this site if you are looking for other options it helped me out a lot. http://omprakash.org/about

Also check out an organization called Lha. http://www.lhasocialwork.org/ They are doing amazing work as well.
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Dear ash84,
your information is very helpful. It surely is also not rocket-science to contact reputable charities directly and to see if they'll take you.

I came across one young lady whose parents had paid over the odds for her "pseudo-volunteer" experience. It was beyond ridiculous. She "observed" (bored whitless) and went around with her volunteer agency guy every day ( he was there to make sure India didn't make her sick, basically, so he could send her home to mom in one piece, and mom would be encouraged to re-send her next year ). It is hard to fathom if she did one jot of useful work for herself or anyone else.

For dirty, unpleasant or hard work there will be few takers of course, and since SKILLED help ( doctors, nurses etc etc ) requires proper training, so very young and (necessarily) untrained people should think twice. The Aurobindo Ashram near Chennai ( Auroville) MAY be a good place to try ... heard good things, but didn't go there.

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