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Hello, I am new here to IndiaMike, please forgive me if I am breaking any rules or asking questions which have already been answered. I did try to do a search and see if I could find some of these answers, but I didn't see them. If anyone wants to just link me to a prior post that answers some of these questions that would be great as well.

Just a little info about me, incase it helps. I am from the US. I have 2 degrees. I have been to India before as a tourist. I am looking to volunteer in New Delhi and I have already been in contact with prospective the NGO. Although at this point I am not sure if they charge you to volunteer, I didn't even think of that as a possibility until I started to read some of the posts on here. I'm sure I'll find out soon! I want to move to India for one year.

First question- The BLS International states that volunteers should apply for an employment visa. But the employment visa states the salary must be $25,000 USD per year. This seems to be a contradiction, as volunteers do not get paid. This requirement does not apply to volunteers?

Second Question- If I am volunteering for an NGO under an employment visa, can I work on the side to supplement my income? Or is this illegal as my visa would only allow me to volunteer/work for one organization?

Third question- I want to bring my dog with me to India. India does not allow tourists to bring animals. Therefore I have to have a visa that shows I am moving to India. I am assuming the employment visa would give proof of me moving to india. But again I am worried about the requirement of making $25,000 USD a year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
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Originally Posted by Mykell View Post I am from the US. I have 2 degrees.
You should use your google skills, if not then bing it !

Why ? All the questions have been answered.

Volunteers are allowed to earn up to 10,000 Rs (Less than $200) from a registered NGO. You will be given an E visa and there will be an endorsement about the particular NGO.

No, you cannot work on the side !

Wanna bring your dog ? Do you know where you will be staying ? How much moolah you have stashed away in the bank or under your mattress ? Why ? Because not all landlords will allow you to have a pet; And unlike $4/night accommodations in the various beach fronts, and fleamotels in India, you would need a place with space for your dawg ! And given the extremes of the temperature in Dilli, you have to ensure your dog has adequate weather coping skills !

I am not a lawyer, and nothing said here is a gospel ! Do your own research - Start by looking at similar threads which are listed at the bottom of your screen when you scroll down this thread.

This should give you a Head Start !
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Thank you for your reply. I will continue to research.

I realize bringing a dog is a big deal. I'm thinking it over and yes I would plan for a abominations in advance, not try to show up with him at a hotel

I realize it will be expensive if I bring him, so I'm trying to work out the details ahead of time to decide if it's doable.

He has short hair and we live in a pretty hot climate now, but thanks for mentioning it, defiantly something to think about!

Thanks again
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Please check PWESCR since someone I know in IndiaMike was doing a 6 month internship there last year.

Also spend some time in these 2 sections to gain more knowledge:-

India Expat Area

Moving to Delhi

Also you can check out since my friend runs this NGO and can provide some info about a paid NGO job.

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