Starting an orphanage home

#1 May 5th, 2012, 17:58
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I completed college two years back and working in automotive company earning 32K per month. I have a own house in city. my dream is to start an orphanage home.Can some one guide me the procedure? At what age i can start ? Is it possible to start as a single person or to form a group ?

Kindly guide me so that my dream get realized.

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hi. congratulation. wish you all the best. you should be able to achive what you want as you have a good salary as well as education. all you have to do is find out how the nearest one got started I am sure they will be most willing to help you out. maybe give you some traning at they center.
best of luck. god bless you.
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Yes, from me too, congratulations and good luck for your wonderfull idea and your great service.
Prehaps you can ask the advice of an established institution. Prehaps its easier to ask them to run the business if you provide them with the house and some money. Doing it on your own is a very big challenge and a lot of work, because you need knwoledge in many jobs: social work to educate the children, administrative to do all the paperwork with the officials, business not to run out of money too soon, organizing skills and so on.
But I wish you all the best
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Originally Posted by jselva View Post ..
1.Can some one guide me the procedure?
2.At what age i can start ?
3.Is it possible to start as a single person or to form a group ?


Lots of love and wishes to you jselva.

In our world of 'I, Me and Mine" it's so good to hear that you want to do such a great job for the orphans. My heartiest wishes again.

But there are some practical problems you need to know. Hembrom's is a good suggestion.
With some indirect experience, I can suggest you to start with two or three of them. You need to know the basic needs, feel the situation, know the difficulties..... a smaller unit will help you to get those and even, to check your own ability to carry on the organization further.

1. A registration under Societies Registration Acts or NGO Registration can be done. There are manuals to follow. But at very initial stage... I mean in case of a small start, you don't need those.

2. Any adult can start it (except insane).

3. Group is always better to run such a great one.... a group of kindhearted, honest, loving, caring people of course.

Money is a factor, js, but you need some priceless quality within you to fulfill this dream. and hope you, who has such a dream, have all those.

Best of luck.
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