Guide dogs for the blind

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Hi all,

For one year I've been volunteering with the guide dogs in UK as a kennel assistant. I take them out to the toilet, groom them, make sure they have water and get to play with them before they go out with their trainer and learn how to be guide dogs. I'd love to know if India has a guide dog scheme, or anything similar because I'd be interested in visiting them and learning all about them and maybe volunteering if possible.

If you know of anything please let me know, thanks!
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i know of one

volunteering may not be permitted on a tourist visa.
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Smile Guide Dogs

Hi there! I would like to know if there's any one in Kolkata, India, who train dogs to be guide dogs. I have 7 very promising Indian strays, that need purpose & focus in life. As most people know, in India, there are 2 very extreme takes on stray animals, especially dogs. 1 is that they are a menace to society & should be wiped off the face of the Earth, & the other, is, that our stray dogs are smarter than other dogs available here, because the strays learn to fend for themselves, on the streets, quite early in life. Indian strays are far more suited to our very sultry weather. They are loyal, loving & are good at being both guards & playmates.

The thing is, I started out with feeding them, & letting them sleep inside the house, because most of them came to me during winter. They spent most of the time outdoors, getting to know their surroundings. With time, I taught them a few basics, like sit, down, no, etc.

I was at a rented place when they came to me, & as the number of my dogs increased, the rapport I shared with my landlord started to deteriorate.
Soon, I had to move out to a different place. I could not leave them behind, there were already 4 of them, including the Retriever,because, they would stand in front of the house, at night, & demand to be let in.

Also, it was difficult for me to travel 5 KM everyday, at least 2 times, to feed them.
The new place was not dog friendly, to say the least. & for the past year or so, my dogs, now 8 in total, have had their freedom curtailed drastically.

People throw stones & bricks; they don't like to see well fed strays. If they are fed, keep them indoors, if u keep them outdoors, let them look like most of their brothers & sisters: hungry, sick, afraid...

Anyway, so to make a long story short, I now have a houseful of dogs, the older ones dying to go out, & the younger ones, unfortunately, afraid of people.
Dog training is expensive here, not to mention the prejudice people have about strays.

My dogs need training, they need to be given a different life than that of their forefathers.

Otherwise, they will not remain the happy, playful, loving & friendly dogs that they are today. I have to work, like everyone else, for them as well as myself. SO, I need someone who would be devoted & passionate enough to take up these beautiful pups & train them to become helpers to children & adults in need.

I would really appreciate any leads anyone can provide me with, for them!

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What a lovely first post Disha12. I will ask at the Blind School in Bombay where I know some people about dog training facilities in Calcutta. I don't know whether they would know though.

Welcome to IndiaMike
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Until I went to India I didn't realise how incredibly difficult and stressful it would be for a guide dog to work here. Its very hard for even myself who can see perfectly well to cross the road never mind how hard it would be for someone who is blind / partially sighted.

In the UK the dogs are specially bred and trained from birth. They will stop at the edge of a pavement and sit down, the blind person will then decide by listening to sounds of traffic approaching if it is safe to cross. Imagine trying to do that with all the horns in India. Most places didn't even have a pavement or sidewalk, and if they did there would be shops overflowing into them and people sleeping on the streets. These are all obstacles for the dog to negotiate and direct the blind person around. Very difficult, with sometimes the only option to walk the blind owner into the road. The dogs in UK struggle to get around parked cars on the street edge and wheelie dustbin, India streets would be crazy. This is probably why I never saw any guide dog here. I did see dogs working with security guards and police. But unsure of their kind of breeding program and training.

I think the best thing for your dogs is good obedience training and a loving home. I cant suggest any training places in India because I don't know any but I hope you find one. With their past history of being strays, IE, probably abuse from people, hungry, living in fear of traffic and noise, and the fact you said the young one is nervous around people I would be wary of training them to work with people, especially children. Sounds like what they need is a loving home with adults.
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Sometimes one sees a dog joining people who are waiting to get across the road.
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Originally Posted by Disha12 View Post I would really appreciate any leads anyone can provide me with, for them!
1. When dealing with strays - it is the thumb rule - to acquaint yourself with the law of the land, concerning the same [if you haven't already].
Not only does the Indian Constitution states - compassion for animals,
but more important - the Supreme Court has passed a ruling on the same.
One can actually haul person/s to court for obstructing/harassment for looking after strays.
Read here.

2. Most cities are on the move - most definitely, Mumbai & Bangalore - ensuring the rights of strays.
If you haven't already - join one/all the organisations on Facebook - and find out what's happening in your city.
Here're some links to start you off...

People for Animals

The Voice of Stray Dogs

In Defense of Animals

Adult Pets Re-homing

3. Birds, an IndiaMike member - works tirelessly for strays in her neck of the woods, in this land.
She is updated on anything/everything regarding strays/animal welfare in this land.
Read her posts - you will get much and more information.

Bird's posts.

Good luck!

need purpose & focus in life.
Kinda sums up the city
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And, by the way, if you are going to have anything* to do with stray dogs or any other wild mammal, rabies inoculation ceases to be optional: get the course of rabies jabs!

*I mean anything. If not inoculated, keep at arm's length.

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