Sitar lessons in Varanasi
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Sitar lessons in Varanasi

Hello there!

I am from Sydney and have been teaching myself Sitar for 2 years.
I would like to come to Varanasi to study sitar and Indian Classical music for about a month early next year. Does anyone know of any teachers who would be interested in taking on a student?

Is there an Ashram where I could stay and study?

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I found my bansuri guru (Sohan Lal) at a place near Asi Ghat called Music Melody House. They sell instruments and they can put you in touch with any form of instrument or voice teachers. During the season they have mini concerts in their small shop. I studied with him twice, over two six-month stays in Varanasi. While there I stayed at The Tiwari Lodge, a two minute walk from Asi Ghat, a two minutes from Music Melody House. Many long-termers such as myself stayed there, whether studying music, voice, Sanskrit, etc. Highly recommended.
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