Border cross in Jhulaghat and permit to border area with Nepal

#1 Mar 2nd, 2018, 18:51
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I would like to ask few questions about east area of Uttarakhand close to border with Nepal
We are planning to do bicycle trip on start of May mostly in Uttarakhand
It is possible to cross Nepal India border in Jhulaghat (from Nepal side) for foreigners? if is there possibility to do it, which permit I will need for it
In which condition is road 9 from Khatima to north, through Chaniya, Pithoragarh to Ogala? is this good asphalted road?
It is possible to cycle from Ogala to Darma, Makdote and Munsyari?
Do I need permit to this areas?
How many snow will be around Munsyari in first week on May? Which altitude I should be able to reach in first half on May in mountains on bicycle? (Joshimath, Gangotri or Jalori Pass e.g. will be OK?)

thanks a lot for reply and if you have some actual information let me know
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Does this help ? It is from the Official source -
#3 Mar 9th, 2018, 00:57
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It seems that the OP might be coming from Nepal into India. Regardless of the direction and the point/mode of entry, the OP will need visa for both India and Nepal to visit these countries. I think the Nepal visa is multiple entry by default; do not know about India.

I doubt Munsiyari itself will have snow at that time. But, if you visit places at higher altitudes nearby (e.g. Khaliya top - highly recommended) - you might run into snow. Then again - you might not as we visited at the end of Dec and the amount of snow wasn't very significant.

You should be able to bike. I do not think we took the specific roads you are referring to, it is perhaps fine. Please be aware that although the traffic is very light - the roads are quite narrow and often with steep drop-offs, and bicyclists do not often get the respect / safety cushion they ought to. In the hills, they aren't expecting bikes on the road - so you need to be extra defensive. But - the low traffic ought to help. I think altitude-wise, Joshimath should be fine, Gangotri might not be. I am sorry I am not familiar with the pass you mentioned. Anyway, I'd perhaps be be more concerned about rain than snow.

It seems like your trip involves a lot of biking if you are talking Nepal on the East, Munsiyari, Joshimath and Gangotri. It might take a while, but should be fabulous.
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thanks for information, it is just what I needed to hear,
about traffic in India I am just familiar with it and I know that sometime it is dangerous, in 2012 we did 3500km in India including Manali - Leh and Leh - Srainagar roads (which are quite good for bikes for trafiic)
I hope that even this time everything on roads will be OK and no injuries will come from roads

nycank: thanks for link, I read it carefully and I think we gave up to try visit Nepal, stay just in India will be better decision I think

sorry for late answer guys

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