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Coimbatore to Ooty

Hello respected members,
I will be getting down at coimbatore airport and have 4days plan to travel around coimbatore to ooty.PLease help me in creating travelling plan.i will be reaching coimbatore on 18th at 18:00 hours and i have to plan my trips till 22 night.

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You may reach Mettupalayam (which is 32 km from Coimbatore by road) the same evening, stay for the night and take train to Ooty on 19th morning.

You may stay for a night at Coonoor while returning.
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If you want to take the Nilgiri mountain railway the best you can do is to proceed direct to Mettupalaym, by bus or car.
Next morning you can take the train, you have to book it well in advance.
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Thanka for helpful reaponses.PLease help me wirh my below queries
1)how much fare approx,is it going to be from non-ac indiaca cab from coimbatore airport to mettupalayam
2)can any one telle if they know of any hotels in mettupalayam wwith range not more than 1500inr.
3)i havmt booked a train from mettupalayam to ooty,but i can see there are few unreserved trains are.they save to travel along with female fellows
4)should.i go to connoe from mettuplayam.or land at.ooty direclty,please suggest
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1) The distance is about 45 km., since you have to pay for the return trip too, the price is for 90 km. For a small car it will be about 10 rs. per kilometre.

2)We stayend in the Nanda Lodge. In 2012 we paid 520. rs for a reasonable Non-Ac room.

4)We just stayed in Coonoor and made a day-trip out if there
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Thanks i am on my way to contact.nanda lodge.ALso ai there any other trains apart from toy trains from mettupalayam to ooty?
Also i will ne going to bangalore from ooty,so what would you,the respected memebers suggest?should.i go to connor from mettupalayam and them to ooty feom.connor OR directly i shall.go.from Mettupalayam to ooty...thanks for help.again,since.i am.typing from typos
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There are no other trains apart from toy train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. To go to Bangalore take a bus from Ooty or change over at Mysore.

Next time when you are posting do it when you are free or have a computer in front of you. What is point of making a post with typos which many members may not be able to understand. For you to get answers your post needs to be understandable.
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i dont have comp thats the sole reason am using mobile.....n i think typos are that bad either.
Vonkla do you also know of any resorts if you got a stay in any of them

I meant resorts in ooty
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Monarch got bad reviews...thanks

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