Topo GPS maps for Himalayas

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So after visiting India and Nepal a fair few times over the last 10 years with ever increasing time and emphasise on trekking, especially in the N.W range iv decided to go for the big hike from McLeod to Leh (well Stok to be exact) logistically it's pretty straight foward in terms of resupply and rough route but I would like the added security of a semi decent topomap on my garmin oregon 600 just to make sure I'm on track. After extensive searching it seems only one site offers what looks like a pretty decent topomap but there are not so many user reviews on it the site offering the maps is any one here used them or can provide some decent input on what they offer?
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*Himalayas, damn this dyslexia.
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I use GaiaPro on my android for up there.

There is some bugginess on redraw, but excellent quality and almost free
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I have looked at this and found it wanting.

I leave it to you as to whether you can fit map on to, say, a Garmin or a phone and then navigate off it on trails, i can see the advantage on trackless wilderness/forest because its basically a compass exercise to get back, but in hill country with trails its limited. The hike you plan is not Mars, its village trails with the occasional link through bush country. for the most part you will be following a path and need only a compass/ sense of direction - I confess that this means I have frequently got lost.....for a few hundred meters....

I have trekked with 2 trusted Ladakhi/Tibetan mates off piste in Ladakh for years, my experience has been that even when they dont know where we are - and frequently we have only plotted the route on the Olizane map and then just set off - their trail sense, and this is something that is horseman/shepherd intuition has got, has then got us back on the right path in at most 30 mins when we have missed a turning.

The Olizane maps are all you need - expensive but topographically accurate, sometime surprisingly so - and they actually show a path, more useful that using a compass to go up a scree slope that might just have a navigable pass at the top.

Personally I wouldnt bother, in fact i would trust my own nous or Namgyal's intuition. After 20 years I am beginning to 'smell' a trail, on the other hand, on a couple of occasions we have relied on the GPS only to find that the local have never bothered with it for obvious reasons..........

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