Just returned from Tapovan Trek May 14-17 May 2018

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Reserved car cost from haridwar to maneri is 5000.
Its better to stay at maneri than uttarkashi as that place is less crowded.
In maneri you will get good and cheap private hotels and gmvn.
you can stay at hotel gokul dham and room for 6 people will cost you 2000 per night with attach bath.
you have to order seperately for non veg item but in general you will get only veg foods.
in small tea stalls you will get bread omlet.
From bhatwari you can purchase chicken or mutton.
maneri to gangotri reserved car cost is 2000/2500 in max or bolero and it will take roughly 3-4 hours.
in gangotri you will only get veg food.
in gangotri you can buy all nevessary things and there is a trekking gear shop.
in gsngotri you will get porter and guide for goumuks but not sure about tapovan.
In day one you can easilyvgo to bhojbasa and gangotri to bhojbasa is a normal trek and you will find one small shop at chirbasa.
You will find multiple water sources in the route.
next day you can make it to tapovan.
Bhojbasa to before 2km of goumukh is a normal trek and then the gradient changes suddenly.
before goumukh you have to cross the river for tapovan.please note that crossing the river is difficult and risky.
you have to cross the river as early as possible.The water level will increase at day times. You should and must cross the river with the help of some experienced guide.you shouldnt cross the river on your own.it will be better if you can use a rope.you have to jump over 10-12 boulders / stones to cross the river.in the morning the water level is little low but the stoned will have ice sheet above it and makes it very sleepery and risky.

Please take care while crossing the river.

After crossing the river you have to cross the boulder zone and have to climb high for tapovan meadow.

From the river to tapovan is almost 60 degree steep.

You have to cross big boulders and a water fall.

The road is narrow and risky so you have to walk very carefully.

Tapovan is flat meadow and the view of shivling,meru,bhagirati 1,2,3 is more than amazing.

You can walk easily to the base of shivling but you have to jump to cross the akash ganga river in 3-4 places but not at all risky.

At worst you shoes or pant can get wet.

You can climb little high tobtouch the ice of the shivling peak.

In tapovan you can find accomodation and food in babas ashram for 700-1000 rupee.

In maneri you will get all mobile network.In gangotri only bsnl and airtel works.Mobile network works till 2/3 km from gangotri.

Getting the car from gangotri to maneri or uttaekashi can be little problem.

After trek if you have time you can go to dhanulti for relaxation.
maneri to dhanulti will cist you 4000-5000 in a max or bolero.

In dhanulti you will find both private and gmvn hotels.

Gmvn will cost you 1680 for three people. You will find nonveg food.

Dhanulti to dehradun will cost you 2500 and will take 2 hours.
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You can pre book new delhi station ac retiring room or ac dorms for temorary stay and this is best and cheap accomodation.

You should take airport express line for airport transfer.

You can checkin you luggage at ndls airport express line metro station if your flight is jet/ vistara or air india.for this flights you can directly go to t3 terminal. For t1 or t2 you have to get diwn at airicity and take feeder bus service. feeder bus costs you 30 and metro ticket is 60.

From rajiv chawk or cp you will also get airport express.

Paratha wala gali is near chadni chawk metro ststion. Toto will cost you 70-80 from ndls to paratha wala gali. Parathas will cost you roughy 60-70.

All the parathas ar worst and pure waste of money. You can try rabri paratha for a new experience but overalk its totally waste of money.

Mutton cost at maneri is 360 rupee per kg and cooking cost is 200-250

In gangotri 2ltr mineral water at medicine shop will cost you 30 only.

In gangotri you will find lots of hotel but hotel mandakani is close to the tapovan trail.

You can visit pandav gufa and suraj kund the walk is good.
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Before planning for tapovan please make confirmation of the permission from the gangotri forest check post not uttarkashi and it can change any day any time. Also talk to guodis or your travel agent wheather they are willing to capable of talking you to tapovan.

I have see many guides are returning from river crossing sight.

I will suggest you to reach till river crossing point and take the decession.

GOOD NEWS is government is planning to install a manual or electeonic trolley / ropeway in bhojbasa to cross the river and it should be completed by september / October 2018

But river to tapovan route is tough and risky.
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I too just returned from what was supposed to be Gaumukh-tapovan trek but could only go till Gaumukh glacier. Some 300-500 meters well before the glacier itself, the path has broken and there are continuous stone falling happening. Also as suggested above, crossing the river is highly dangerous. Please don't attempt it unless you're expedition styled trekker.

We were warned by lot of army/policemen on the way not to go too close to the glacier or try crossing the river.

Waiting for the trolley to be built to cross the river with the help of which we can go to Tapovan.
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I remember the trekking to Tapovan was across the Gangotri Glacier/ over the Gangotri glacier, rather than crossing the river itself! Things have changed now?

I am pretty sure the route over the Glacier still exists, whilst changes everyday given the dynamic nature of the Glacier.
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the route over the glacier still exists but the 1 km stretch to reach the glacier becomes dangerous now. Now it becomes a heavy rockfall zone so if you can cross the river that's the better option.

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