Goecha la trek in last week of September

#1 Aug 27th, 2018, 18:19
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Hi guys,

I and 2 more are planning to do this around September 25th or around. Few questions as I found most of the Goecha la trek threads to be pretty old

1. Are there homestays in yuksom, we are budget travelers and prerfer to stay with families rather than hotels any time. Any pointer on which area , cotact details or pricing would be great help. If not homestays, at least family run budget guest houses.

2. I am landing at bagdogra around 12.00 pm and plan to move towards Yuksom, Any scenic , country side places where I stay overnight, homestays etc, some place I can get to via a shared vehicle and find one for Yuksom the next day. Where can I find shared vehicles in Bagdogra?

3. Can I find guides and porters/cooks in yuksom or will I have to go via local agencies. Personally, I don't like agencies at all, will it be possible to find a guide in Yuksom without them? Anyone who has done this trek before and have any guide contact, please do share

5. Are tents available in yuksom for hire? Is it possible to find few trekkers at yuksom and group at this time of the year?

6. What should be my budget for homestay in Yuksom and what shared vehicle rates from Bagdogra to Yuksom?

Also, I hope this trek is safe, in terms of people like most of our mountain sides!
Any advice is most welcome, especially with stay, guide and travel.

Looking for Help, Happy to help.
#2 Sep 4th, 2018, 23:03
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1. Homestays are available but did not stay in them, but as the location is such I doubt they will charge more than 1k a night including food per person. Yuksom is a tiny place, walking around will reveal all options. In case you dont/cant find homestays cheap hotels are available with a double bed room around 500Rs.

2.To reach Yuksom you need to get a share ride to Jorthang first, its a town and I suggest you spend the night there itself, then next morning get a shared ride to Yuksom. Vehicles should be available outside bagdogra airport(bagdogra to jorthang). Also very few vehicles travel to Yuksom so try to book a seat the day before itself(jorthang to yuksom).

3. Yes, ask around and you will find young guys who guide. They will give you per day per head rates that include everything. I paid 1k a day, but now same guide asks for 1.5k a day, I can pass his number if you want but his service was not something to write home about. As you are only 3 ppl I suggest you reach reach Yuksom and try to to join next departing group for favorable rates.
4. Above will arrange the tent and accommodate in a group your take your group separate.

5. Look for homestays that include food for 1k or under. if hotels double bed room for around Rs 500. Bagdogra to Jorthang shared jeep per person Rs 150, about same for Jorthang to Yuksom.

All prices are based upon my trip in April 2016 so account for inflation.

If guide is providing sleeping bag, pad and tent. Check them before you start the trek.

Dont make full payment before trek, hold on to some amount and pay it after reaching Yuksom to avoid getting bad service.
#3 Sep 10th, 2018, 22:15
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Hey Abhir,

thanks for those tips. Will definitly be careful about those. Since you dont sound really satisfied with your guide, i think I will pass him.

Thanks a lot.
#4 Sep 24th, 2018, 22:22
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Hey Paddy,

I'll be going on independent Goechala trek this weekend with 4 of my friends. I'll be reaching NJP/ Siliguru on 29th of Sep in the morning at 9. So plan is to start our trek on 30th of Sep morning. If you are around at that time, I would be happy to have you join us.

Happy travelling,
Pradeep Roy
#5 Oct 14th, 2018, 09:51
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Paddy, Pradeep,

Are you back from your trek? Was wondering if you could help me with some queries regarding doing Goecha La in first week of November.


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