Far Western Nepal - Darchula Trek - March and Sep 2017

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You can find below trip report of the Trek covering
Far Western Nepal - Darchula Trek - March and Sep 2017
outlining the itinerary, link to photos and highlights.

Photos from the trek : Darchula to Api Himal Trail Trek Album - Mar 2017

Summary (Mar trek) : This route joins the API trek leading to Tinkar with the API Himal Basecamp trek avoiding the roads. The plan iwas to do the trek from Darchula to Humla. However, a few days into the trek, we realized it was too early in the season and the snowfall this year had been too high, thus preventing us from crossing the high passes. We ended up doing the initial part of the trek from Dharchula to the trail for API Himal Base camp.

The route we followed was through Darchula, continues along the Mahakali on its eastern side till one reaches Sunsera. The trail heading northwards, continues towards Tinkar, while we headed eastwards to the village of Sina. The route marked on the map was along Tatopani to the village of Ghusa. However, the locals told us it would not be possible to do it at this time of the year. So, we continued along Nagu, Thaisan to Jatra & Lakseri. From Lakseri, after failing to cross to Sitaula on our own we sought assistance from a local at Lakseri to help us find the route to Sitaula. From Sitaula we walked along a well marked track passing the villages of Ruguru and Majje till we reached Chauki Bagar, on the API Himal basecamp trail, and then descended southwards to the roadhead at PariBagar (Latinath).

Summary (Sep trek) : This time we crossed the Mahakali via the trolley near Battibagar and headed to Sina. From Sina we tried to find the route marked on the map beyond Tatopani (marked in red in the kmz file on Google earth). Unfortunately, we could not find the route and after a 2 day exploration we decided to return to Dharchula. The exploration led us on the route along the Godu Khola. We followed a track through the forest. However, after half day we found that the route had been washed away by landslide and there was no clear path available through the forests. Hacking /finding a route through the dense forest seemed an infeasible task so we decided to retreat.

Trek Highlights
  • This is a remote Trek that is rarely done and as per locals they have not seen Indian tourists (trekkers) on this route.
  • This route joins the API trek leading to Tinkar with the API Himal Basecamp trek avoiding the roads.
  • Route finding on this trek route is very difficult as the trek route passes through dense forests.
  • The route from Lakseri to Sitaula is not marked on the map and is a bit exploratory.
  • The villagers are very warm, hospitable and welcoming. One is most likely going to be welcomed to stay in the home of a villager.
  • There are great views of many 6000M peaks.
  • In the months of September you can find a lot of wild cannabis (ganja) on this route.

Trek Itinerary in March
14th March : Darchula to village close to Hutigaon
15th March : Hutigaon to Sunsera trek & back to Darchula by road (to retrieve GPS from Darchula)
16th March : Darchula to Battibagad by road and trek back to Sunsera (29.94354 N / 80.65029 E / 1844M)
17th March : Sunsera to Camp on a ridge near Ghatte Bagar (29.91325 N / 80.66911 E / 2256 M)
18th March : Camp on a ridge near Ghatte Bagar to camp in huts at Nagu (29.89611 N / 80.66284 E / 3142 M)
19th March : Camp in huts at Nagu to camp near Thaisan (29.87460 N / 80.68298 E / 3675 M) with recce to high point (29.87350 N / 80.68711 E / 3781 M)
20th March : Camp near Thaisan to Jatra (29.84415 N / 80.67872 E / 2399 M)
21st March : Jatra to midway along Lakseri Nala (29.82817 N / 80.70796 E / 2374 M) and back to Lakseri (29.83541 N / 80.69270 E / 2207 M)
22nd March : Lakseri to Sitaula (29.79718 N / 80.75529 E / 2415 M) via Sitaula Pass (29.81141 N / 80.71906 E / 3423 M)
23rd March : Sitaula to Pari bagar via Chauki Bagar & jeep to Latinath and Gunna
24th March : Gunna to Darchula via Gokuleshwar by jeep

Trek Itinerary in September
28th Sep : Camp1 across the Mahakali near Battibagad ( 29.95640 N / 80.67078 E / 1357 M)
29th Sep : Battibagad to camp2 near Godu Khola (29.90328 N / 80.68865 E / 2453 M)
30th Sep : Camp2 near Godu Khola to High point on trail (29.88929 N / 80.70538 E / 3004M ) to camp3 near Tatopani (29.91726 N / 80.67225 E / 2024 M)
01st Oct : Camp3 near Tatopani to bridge across Mahakali near Tawaghat & jeep to Dharchula.

GPS Waypoints from the trek in March : XLS File
GPS Waypoints from the trek in September : XLS File
Google Earth file with Maps and Waypoints embedded : KMZ File

thank you


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