Puducherry music practice

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Hi everyone

I'm planning to live in Puducherry for 2-3 months, this coming Winter. I haven't visited before. I am self-employed, and plan to do my work while I am here. I am also learning a musical instrument similar to a flute, and need a place where the sound of my practising doesn't disturb people.

So I really need advice on the following:

Does anyone know of apartments/rooms which are comfortable to work in, and which I could play my instrument?

Or does anyone know of anywhere where I could go to practise? E.g. a rehearsal room, the beach, etc?

Or any other solutions, or people who have done similar?

Many thanks

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Your best option is always to do your practice on the roof-terrace of the guesthouse/hotel you are staying at. Only you yourself know why you could not do it in the room itself. Indians are used to much noise anyhow, and no one hesitates to shout in the hallway in the middle of the night, so why should your moderate (I assume) noise bother anyone during daytime.

In case you stay in an Ashram guesthouse in Pondy, you really could not do it in the room. However, there you do get a card with which you are permitted to enter Ashram-facilities, like the weekly movie-show Saturday night on the playground of the large Ashram-school. Identifying yourself as an Ashram guest you could go and ask at that school whether you could use a rehearsal-room. If nothing works out for you I could give you the name of a Swiss Ashramite who lives in a large house all by himself on Goubert Avenue near Park Guesthouse, next to the beach. I am sure you could play daily at his house. Just tell me once you are there.

Naturally there are many "creative" options: There are rocks between the wall of Goubert Avenue and the ocean surf. you could sit there if that was convenient for you.

Another option is early in the morning between 6-9 a.m. many Indians do their brisk walking or jogging up and down along the 1 km stretch of the beach road (= Goubert Ave) between Park Guesthouse and the other end. You could sit facing the ocean near where the Gandhi statue is. Just do not do anything near a beach where fishermen live. You might attract trouble there.

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