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Quiet, Please!

I can't believe there's no thread for the Gentleman's game! Though Indian representation has always been limited in the single's, the tournament per, se is so worth watching. I much prefer the ladies' matches now (no, nothing to do with Sharapova) - just that the long rallies in the men's are so few now.

So who do you think is gonna win this year?

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From the title I thought this thread was a plea to the footy-followers to just shut up! [whoa] :laugh:
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Oh I don't read that thread. :) It's a pity though they're showing Andy Murray's match and not Sharapova's ;)
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Originally posted by: vaibhav_arora View Post

Oh I don't read that thread. :)

And it doesn't look as if they are reading this thread. We can say whatever we like! :naughty:

So, Vaibhav, when watching Wimbledon do you
  • drink beer (too much ;))
  • drink Robinson's Lemon Squash
  • drink chai
  • eat samosas
  • eat strawberries and cream ?
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I'd think drink Chai and eat samosas would be most appropriate as I don't partake in alcoholic drinks (save occasional exceptions for Apple Cider) and Robinson'd be mighty upset if I drank his squash.

I wish we got strawberries and cream here though. [cry]
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In the men's any one of the usual suspects could win the finals. Murray, Djokovic, Federer or Nadal.

It is tough to say who would win in the women's. I would go for Sharapova since Serena has been ousted.
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Crossposting with both Vaibhav and aarosh...

Julia, you forgot the Pimms'.


I think Andy Murray is going to win this year, now that he has Amélie Mauresmo as his personal trainer. ;)
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Originally posted by: theyyamdancer View Post

Julia, you forgot the Pimms'.



How could I forget that! Especially when I had a borage flower on my pudding yesterday! I'm too sozzled on all the beer emanating from the football thread ;)
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I used to love the antics of John McEnroe. The fights that he used to have with the chair umpires.

I loved Boris Becker and always wanted him to win. He was always at his best in Wimbledon from 1985-1991 except in 1987 where he was knocked off in the first round I think. He won in 85 defeated Kevin Curren, won in 86 defeated Ivan Lendl, lost to Edberg in 88 and 90, won in 89 defeated Edberg and lost to Stich in 91. His second serve was almost an ace in crunch situations after he had faulted his first serve.

Currently the crowd favorite is Djokovic. Gestures like the one below make him the favorite of the viewers.

| It's all Greek to me, but Benglish will do
My all-time favourite player was Pancho Gonzales.

I saw him play in Bournemouth in 1968, when he was beaten by Mark Cox, in the first Open Tennis Tournament.
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After the footie and after this we can start a Henley Regatta thread, complete with boaters and blazers too! And Pimms, of course.
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I'll look up Pancho Gonzales (he played before I was born!).

I always favored Edberg during the Becker - Edberg days. My all time favorite (men's) though is Pete Sampras. I love the way he'd serve - his profile like a graceful dragon rising up and then swooping down, throwing a fireball upon the enemy - razing him to ashes. (bwahahahha).

In the (now nearly yesteryears) lineup, it's Roger Federer.
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For me there has never been a rivalry quite like Borg vs. McEnroe and Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert. Federer vs. Nadal comes second. But the game is so very different now. Much more power and less gamesmanship at the nets.
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I liked Jimmy Connors :). Who remembers him shouting "I'm trying!" back to someone in the crowd who had shouted "Come on, Connors!" ?
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Connors was everyone's favourite but was such a temperamental player - sometimes deadly and lethal, sometimes very flakey. But he was the perfect flamboyant foil to the Borg-McEnroe stoic-petulant rivalry.