Cricket tickets in Mohali: Pre purchase?
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Cricket tickets in Mohali: Pre purchase?

Hello all,

I am planning on going to Mohali for the opening day of the 3rd India v England test on November 26th.

I am coming for the day especially to see the match as it's always been a dream of mine to see a test match in India.
Seeing as it is the opening day, the ground has only 26,000 capacity & a Saturday, do I need to pre purchase tickets online beforehand? Or can I just turn up?
And what ticket to I buy? I would love to be in with the "real locals" somewhere.

I would be pretty devastated if I made a detour to Chandigarh just to see the cricket and couldn't get in.

Thanks in advance!

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google Punjab cricket association test tickets --- there is an Aust contact number on the site page.
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