Suggestion Required to Improve Concentration

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I would like to Improve my concentration and focus in life. Please let me know if there is a spiritual way to do so ?

I'm thinking myself to spend a week (first week of June'15)in one of the ashrams in Rishikesh who can help to be more focused in life and help improvise on my Body, Mind and Soul. I'm not looking for very spiritual way but a guide who can help me understand myself better.

Please suggest me with Ashrams in and around Rishikesh who can help me understand the techniques. I'm not looking at the best since I would like to keep it on the economical side.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks !
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I'd recommend you to do a 10-day-course in Vipassana as taught by Late Mr Goenka. You can do it at many places in India, including your home town. The closest center to Rishikesh is in Dehra Dun.

What it brings you is a clear view and understanding of how you function emotionally and mentally in your every day life. You don't learn it through theory, but through personal experience.

The course itself is free (including lodging and food); if you want you can give a donation at the end, but you don't have to give anything if you prefer that.

You can do the course in 70 centers in India.

This is the one in Dehra Dun

In Hyderabad you have this option.

Just do it. It is easy, unproblematic, and very rewarding.
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Originally Posted by Trekker123 View Post I would like to Improve my concentration and focus in life.
Mindfulness is a lifelong, daily practice. And people fall off the wagon daily.

As atala suggests, a 10 day vipassana retreat is excellent, but that's only 10 days and merely a beginning.

It's not like "I took this retreat..." or whatever and life is changed. well, for some it is.
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Interesting. In my book "concentrating" and "focus in life" are two separate and often mutually exclusive issues. "Concentration" is a lower art, specific to a task, has rather thinner link to broader purpose like happiness : example : I have to write this report , I have a deadline to meet, I have this exam to clear, Concentration comes easier closer you are to the "deadline". Without a deadline in mind, without any compulsion , concentration would be a fleeting thing for me.

"Focus in life" on the other hand is much tougher to attain because of it's ethereal , ever-changing characteristics.

I think no one can teach you about these except life itself.

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Thank you all for taking time for your valuable suggestions. I will consider myself enrolling for a Vipasana Course. I'm not looking for a change immediately, do understand certain things do take time and I like being that way. I only act when things are put Pedal to the Metal, hence I'm looking for an avenue to start.

Som, Can you please name the book so that I can start to read.

Thanks again !
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A simple daily practice

I would suggest the following, based on my experience and expertise in these areas:
  • Setup a distraction free time. Turn off all the sources of external distraction such as mobile phones, tablets and even people. Early mornings usually work best.
  • Take a picture or object. The simple it is the better to start with. It could be a simple flower or a favourite deity art.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and start observing the object or picture.
  • Your mind starts wandering. Observe it wandering and bring it back in the same path. This will be very frustrating in the initial phases. Keep up with it.
  • Ensure you follow the trail of thoughts in reverse to bring your attention back to the object or picture.
  • Don't do this for more than 5 minites in the beginning. As time progresses, one could reach about 15 minutes or so of practice.
  • Ensure you are breathing. Deep breaths usually help, but not required.
  • This is just to start with. There are other higher levels of practices, but thse exercises make it easy to adapt more complex ones.

Some of the thoughts, while your mind is wandering, would be pleasant and may lure you to stick there. Ensure the thought path is traced back to the object or picture in front. Some thoughts, occasionally, may be terrible and pain inducing. Just keep calm and trace the path back to the object or picture.

All the best!!!
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Learn Tratak from a proper Yoga teacher and practice it. It is one of the best known methods for improving concentration.
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