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Since most of us are not living in ashramas, but have to live in a modern society, it can be useful to watch films that inspire in us a search for truth, i think.

Some that I enjoyed:

- Siddhartha
A movie by Conrad Rooks. A bit shallow, but still worth a watch.

- Why has Bodhi-dharma left for the east?
A FANTASTIC korean movie about 3 monks living in a solitary monastery.
The title is a Zen koan.

- Zerkalo (The Mirror)
A film by Andrei Tarkovsky. For anyone who knows the art of film, that's probably enough. He's considered as one of the best directors of all time (alongside with kurosawa, bergman and welles)

- Himalaya
(great Nepali film)

- The Matrix (only the first part!!)
No comment needed probably. Nice inclusion of buddhist/advaita philosophy.

I've yet to see a movie "Samsara" by Pal Nalin which is supposed to be excellent as well and another korean movie "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring"

Any other recommendations from IM-ers?
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I have both enjoyed and found depth in:

All of the Matrix series

What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams
A movie about dying and going to heaven and hell and searching for the wife.

Medical doctors that take time out to flat line each other and during the process they understand karma and when they come back they seek out various people that they have wronged.

Pay It Forward
A brilliant philosophy that I have adopted now myself.
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i liked flat liners for a spiritual movie. so many has said so many good stuff about pay it forward but haven't really seen it. the philippines i think has a version of pay it forward (accdg to a friend of mine). and I just kept on crying after watching for 30 mins...and kept on crying till it's finale.

i think at some point, star wars is a spiritual movie, talking about the force, and maybe some views about being detached ( a little of buddhism)...

stigmata also made me think about my catholic faith once again... and made me actually research about the nadhammadi gospels that includes thomas' gospels...
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I watched Siddartha and was thrilled to see that a movie was made(albeit a bit shallow as mentioned) of Buddha's life. It flew by.
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Here's my vote... My Dinner With Andre

I'm not a film buff, I can't tell you who wrote, produced or acted in it, but I remember watching it, utterly disagreeing with most of waht was said, but being amazed and delighted than anyone would make such a film!
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just a slight correction.
siddhartha (based on the book by herman hesse) is not a movie about gautama siddhartha the buddha, but rather another (invented) character living in that time with the same name. he does however during his travels meet the historic "buddha", yet decides he has to find the truth for himself not under the shadow of gautama siddhartha.
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What the Bleep Do We Know?

see website here

"How can you continue to see the world as real if the self determining it to be real is intangible?" Ramtha

"In this infinite sea of potentials that exist around us, how come we keep recreating the same realities?" Dr. Joseph Dispenza

"If I do this, I'm going to get punished by God. If I do the other thing, I'm going to get rewarded. This is a really poor description that tries to carve out a path in life for us to follow. But with deplorable results. Because there is really no such thing as good or bad. We're judging things far too superficially that way. Does that mean you're in favor of sin and licentiousness and depravity? No. It simply means you need to improve your expression and understanding of what you're dealing with here.

There are things that I do, and I know they'll evolve me. There are other things that will not evolve me. But it's not good or bad. There's no God waiting to punish you because you did one or the other."

Dr. Miceal Ledwith

"There is no God condemning people. Everyone is God." Ramtha

"But if Reality is my possibility, possibility of consciousness itself, then immediately comes the question of how can I change it? How can I make it better? How can I make it happier?"
Amit Goswami, PhD (earned his doctorate from Calcutta University in theoretical nuclear physics in 1964, and has been a prof. of physics at the University of Oregon since 1968.)

....how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?
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The Quarrel

I would like to recommend an excellent film in the tradition of "My Dinner ..." called "The Quarrel". Based on a post-war story written by Chaim Grade, it is about two friends who accidentally meet in a Montreal park. Both are Holocaust survivors that did not know that the other had survived. Before the war they were both studying in a religious seminary and now one has become a skeptic and an atheist and the other has become even more religious. I found their debate truly thought provoking. I would, at the same time, like to recommend anything written by Chaim Grade.

Here is a link for more info on The Quarrel.
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Fight club has some excellent quotes and bladerunner as well.
Both can be taken as light herated action jaunts or one can dig a bit deeper.
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'Beautiful Dreamers' is one of my favorites. It is a story about Walt Whitman's life. It really touches on what really matters in life.

'Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall' is very well done. Thoughtful and moving.

I really liked 'I Heart Huckabees' too. It's sort of a comical "What the Bleep..."

Last night I watched 'The Sea Inside', a film about a man who is paralyzed after an accident and fights to end his life. Really made me think, a sure sign of a worthy film.
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Great thread!

Great thread Zerkins!

Yes, your absolutelly right!

Matrix part one Is the Most Shocking "get of the feris wheel" philosophy Ivé ever seen in a movie. So good. The rest (no offence) Is rubbish (sorry to say this)...

so other movies that may move you in any way....

Staring Jeff Bridges and Johny Tourturo (how he spells it, I dont know).

Out on a Limb
(Shirley Maclain movie that is quite new agey, but it has some good parts somewhere in it)

I think you might ad Vanilla Sky to the "wake up your living in a dreamworld" scenario.

Samsara is a beatyfull film, but really matrix (part one only) is the only one that really had me shocked and flushed with adrenaline to be "alive"...
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Anyone here ever seen Martin Scorsese's 'Kundun'?

Never seen it myself but have heard lots of good things about it.
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Woody Allen likes to wax psychoanalytically & his movies (particularly the early ones) & often references & parodies great 'thinkers'. Add another vote for MDWAndre, irritating though it is.
I'm suprised noone's mentioned Waking Life or Donnie Darko (try K-Pax if you liked it) yet.
Solaris is another Tarkovsky flick, encourages repeat viewings. Movies on similar lines include 2001, The Abyss & Contact
Then there's Baraka & it's forebear Koyaaniskatsi.
I wouldn't call Kundun a 'philosophical' movie as such. It seems to romanticize Tibet a bit, but it is beautiful-pretty to look at.
The Swimmer, Ordinary People, Welles' The Trial are a few others that come to mind.
Oh, & [I]Twin Peaks
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Twin Peaks should be in itallic 'cause it's special...
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thanks for everyone's input.

yes, fight club has a lot of good quotes, and how could i indeed forget donnie darko, besides the matrix the only movie i saw more than twice in recent years (well, those two and big lebowski, but that was just for amazing amount of laughs).

and definitely, any tarkovsky's film will get you to think, nostalghia was like that and stalker as well.

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