Puja for Late Mother
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Puja for Late Mother

When we go to India in September, my partner would like to have a puja performed for his mother who died this past October.
I am interested if anyone knows a mandir in Delhi that would be a good place for this? Please give me any help you may have.

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Delhi Kali-bari .
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Okay. Kali-Bari. I've seen a picture of the temple and it looks beautiful.

Honestly, I've never been to a puja so I don't know what to expect outside of book learning.... Well, I attended morning puja once at my local yoga center, and it was lead by a couple from Israel and their energetic daughter, and we used a tape of chanting, so it didn't really feel very authentic... I mean, as someone from the outside who would like to step into the experience, I wish to be surrounded by people who grew up Hindu. I hope that makes sense.

I'm not sure what to expect from John's request about a puja for his mother, but I'm excited to find out. He's much more spiritual than I am, and I think this will be very important for him.

We'll also be spending two nights in Mathura so if there are any suggestions for any mandirs around there, that would be helpful too. Thanks.
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Well, you can have the puja done at any mandir in Delhi, you just need to give them a advance notice so that they can prepare for the puja.
Normally the north Indian hindus like to perform another rite for those who pass away at places like Varanasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh. The closest to Delhi is a place called GarhMukteshwar where these rites can be performed. You don't need to prepapre anything in advance, just reach there and ask a pandit to do it for you. GarhMukteshwar is just 1.5 hrs drive from Delhi on the highway going to Rampur, Corbett etc.
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