Need Help for a suitable place for penance.

#1 Sep 11th, 2016, 23:54
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Dear all,

I read some threads here, and felt that this forum is having some holy people helping others. This made me immense happy God Bless you all.

I am from Andhra Pradesh and only goal of my life is to have SATYA DHARSHAN. I know it will happen with in and not from external. For this i need to do some sadhana so i am requesting your help.

I am desperately looking for a quite good place to do my intense sadhana to reach my goal.

Can any one help me which place is better in Himalayas or South India for my sadhana.

Advance Thanks.
#2 Sep 12th, 2016, 08:23
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Welcome to IndiaMike, satyadharshan (literally "true worship'),

Thanks for recognising my sanctity, and your kind generous blessings.

Your sadhana (devotion) to date has taught you that true worship can only be attained from within yourself, and not from external pivots. That is a revelation and I am glad that you witnessed it.

As you said, intense devotion (sadhana) cannot be conducted in a physical place, but within you. In fact, the best place to conduct it is on a surreal non-physical whacky space called, by helping others and earning goody Karma points and 'smiley' blessings.

However, you must be between the North Pole and the South Pole, not between the Himalayas and Kanyakumari.
#3 Sep 12th, 2016, 08:51
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Himalaya was quiet place but these days with hikes and mikes littering the landscape is better you go to Narmada.
#4 Sep 12th, 2016, 14:25
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Dear ViShVa and old india hand,

Thanks for your valuable time to write replies. I understand and points noted :-)

" Paropakar artham idam Sareeram" means this body should be used for service to mankind and nature. This is Karma yoga, but if the sadhaka will not understand of detachment to results of all deeds, this may leads to better incarnation but not SALVATION. But this is a very good approach indeed.

To make this body as last body and merge in to Parmathama or supreme being, has become the goal of present life with divine grace, and for that, the mind is now looking for possible divine suggestion, where to do the respective sadhana, so that this mind will reaches the sate of absolute calm.

will wait for message.

:-) Thank you once again.
#5 Sep 12th, 2016, 15:54
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Adding little on Satya Dharshan :-)

Satya Dharshan can be understood as Self Realization, Enlightenment, Atma Shakshatkara, Nirvana, Kaivalyam ........

SELF is the divine force which will keep the physical bodies (of every kind in this Universe, like Animals, Birds, Plants,humans etc) in life, when that force is with drawn from the body, the body decays and assimilate in to five elements. The source energy for the five elements to exist is also that divine force only :-)

For example, the divine force which is burning the SUN and keeping the bodies alive is one :-)

This Divine force has no Beginning or no End. It is beyond Time and Space, prevailing every where with out boundaries. :-)

It will not change whether it is past, present or future so it is called as Satyam means TRUTH. (Truth means which will not perish)

Realizing the truth is self realization. For this you need nothing to do, what all you need to do is to keep your mind absolutely CALM. It will reveal itself on due course.

Various practices under the sky since ages in the name of religions are all teaching on how to CALM down your mind, this can be named as SADHANA.

SADHANA can be done right from with in you, from your home and any where. But due to some prarabdha karma ( results of Previous Deeds) some will get advise to do in specific place.

Probably SATYA DHARSHAN is waiting for such advise and welcoming you all to provide the same.

Let see what is fixed :-)

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