How can I achieve my goal?

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I am coming to India in about 15 days. I recently finished my MA in politics but my passion is spirituality. I am hoping that I will go from US to New Delhi and from there make my way to Katmandu and finally to base camp. Then, I am going back to India and then to Bhutan. After visiting Bhutan, I will go to Indian Himalayas in search of a monastery.

My goal from this five - ten years commitment is increase my level of awareness, and over all anergy. I want to find a space, tools, and teacher that is conducive to my goal's achievement.

I have two questions.
1. How can I achieve my goal?
2. What do I need to achieve my goal?

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First you would need to decide which visa would work for you.
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Thumbs up Joining a Monastery

One doesn't need 5-10 years commitment to increase the level of awareness, a cup of coffee can do the same instantly!

While India has a lot of monasteries, mostly of Mahayana Buddhism, only a few use English as the language of instruction. Most use Tibetan. So you may have to either take basic Tibetan lessons or get fundamental lessons from a monastery which has English teachings or translators.

Sera Jey Monastery in South India is one the most revered monasteries. You can visit and meet people there. A lot of US nationals are monks there.

Institutions like Tushita center in North India also conducts short and long duration courses which will help you to build a foundation before moving to hardcore practices. This is one of the best places in India for a beginner and is very peaceful and clean with many foreign nationals. You need to abstain from using your mobile phones and all other communication devices here.

If you would like to stay or work in an Indian city and alongside take Buddhist lessons on weekends CKSL center in Bangalore, South India is a good option. Even though foreign nationals attend CKSL, this route will take a long duration. Classes are taken by monks of Tibetan and US origin and the classes are very interactive.

In my personal opinion, Indian Sera Jey is the best place for you given the fact that you can assure a long term commitment. A lot of US nationals and teachers of US origin. The monastery is situated in a Tibetan colony. There are a couple of other monasteries in the same colony and many other in the same province, so the people there can guide you to select one.

Given the fact that you are a US passport holder, you just need to travel to nearby Singapore whenever your visa expires and then extend it. A monk from the US told me this.
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Originally Posted by student2024 View Post
I have two questions.
1. How can I achieve my goal?
2. What do I need to achieve my goal?


1. By having no goal.
2. No goal.

SOS: Missing Person...

Please look at this thread:

He could be anywhere now: You might have met him, be able to help, or give information.
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If you are very much interested in spirituality, then I would recommend Falun Dafa - a high-level spiritual practice that refines your mind, body and quickly increases your energy (IMHO).

You can know all about Falun Dafa by reading the books - Zhuan Falun (comprehensive teaching of Falun Dafa) & Falun Gong (Introduction to Falun Dafa).
Both books can be downloaded for free @

There many volunteers in India to help you learn the exercises and meditation.

Please feel free to ask questions, if any.

I would also like to clarify the truth that Falun Dafa is banned in China and the innocent practitioners are persecuted because of its enormous growing popularity. You can visit here to know more about persecution.

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