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Casey Jan 13th, 2007 05:02

Dashang Dhoop -What is it?
So we came home last year with a small box of Dashang Dhoop. We haven't a clue what it is but from the drawings on the box you can light fires with it, cook with it, rub it on your feet, and warm a small wrapped people on it. According to the text, "it emits sweet fragrance in the atmosphere it's fumes check of unhealthy smell and injurious insects. Because of it's Post Natal period its ointment can be prepared at home". I hope I don't offend anyone, it's just that the box was really interesting, and it was kind of fun to purchase something with the intent of learning up on it. I forgot this in a bag and just came across it.

batistuta Jan 13th, 2007 05:25

Where did u buy this and whats the name of the company which manufactures this product.:confused: .

Casey Jan 13th, 2007 05:28

The name of the company is Krishna Enterprises. A more complete title of what is in the box is "Shree Guari Gajanan Aarti Dhoop". It was manufactured in Mumbai.

batistuta Jan 13th, 2007 05:34

It seems that you have camphor in the box.Camphor is used to cook,as an insect repellant and also as an antiseptic and if you put camphor in water it can purify water.If you keep camphor in open air it evaporates.
It is mainly used in India for devotional purposes as it catches fire easily.

machadinha Jan 13th, 2007 06:58

I think dhoop is just a form of incense. Some googling would suggest this one is made of Himalayan herbs. See (on Feng Shui btw).

I'm not saying this is the final word on it but I'm pretty sure about the dhoop bit. A little further searching suggests the name Dashang has Buddhist and/or Chinese connotations so I guess this might explain the first bit. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but the Chinese use something called moxa for medicinal purposes (kind of like acupunture or acupressure, but by applying heat instead), I wonder if this could be related to it. Appears to be spread throughout other Asian parts as well.

It's probably just an incense manufacturer telling you about the wonderful myriad uses for their rather middle-of-the-road product though. And btw not to sidestep Batistuta here who may well be spot-on.

Have you looked what's in the box yet? ;)

AvidTrekker Jan 13th, 2007 17:33

dashang dhoop
dasha + anga + dhuupa = dashaanga dhuupa

ten + parts = ten-constituent dhuupa.

The term dhuupa is used for all substances which give off fragrant or medicinal [or both] smoke when burnt. Mostly but not always these are for use during ritual worship [agarbatti sticks or incense sticks are made from such substances][example of non worship use... women used to dry their long hair using specific dhuupa... its a very gentle drier and an excellent conditioner. In the days when they had the time. Now of course its not done except maybe during pre-marital beautification.]

As of now i dont know all ten constituents of the dhuupa as we buy the readymade dashanga dhoopa [3/4 brands]

I really doubt whether all ten substances are used... coz that would make it very expensive.

It is under the sub forum where the sub title says "bizarre, strange, unexpected". It is not bizarre or strange in India... but yes; it is so from the foreigner viewpoint. Also, it does not happen only in India. Incense is used throughout SE Asia, Japan, Korea, China, etc.

Nick-H Jan 13th, 2007 18:35

Aarti Dhoop

Aarti is the offering of fire to the god, as when they hold up the flame and move it in a circle.

...or If I am wrong, AT will soon tell, I hope :)

Casey Jan 13th, 2007 19:00

I only put the question under in this forum because of the Only in India tag, as it was manufactured in India and the drawing on the front is of Ganesh. I didn't really think about the bizarre part. I think I'm a bit strange for carrying this 12r package of an unknown substance halfway around the world for no practical purpose. No offence meant and thanks for your informative reply AT.:)

It doesn't appear to have any scent at all, but perhaps if it is burnt. I was also curious as it appears to have multiple uses, and the Post Natal period mentioned kind of threw me off! I googled it, and found a picture of the box, but the discussion was regarding the use of hindi images to sell the product, but no information on the product itself.

SANJAY_DEL Jan 13th, 2007 19:25

Dhoop is the black clay like stuff made from natural ingrdients. Its rolled up with a thin end which is lit up so that it emits fragrant smoke.
Dhoop is mostly lit at the time of prayers in front of the deity.
It is also used in a yagna, when a "holy" fire is lit, dhoop, ghee(butter) and "havan samagri" made of natural substances is consigned to the flames even as Sanskrit mantras are chanted.

Nick-H Jan 13th, 2007 19:27

I'm sure there is many an unknown product, statue, or device brought back from some foreign land by many a person! Not so strange a thing to do :D

AvidTrekker Jan 14th, 2007 21:33


Originally Posted by Nick-H
Aarti Dhoop

Aarti is the offering of fire to the god, as when they hold up the flame and move it in a circle.

...or If I am wrong, AT will soon tell, I hope :)

aaratii is the fire circle as you have described.

dhoop is the fragrant smoke [circle ?!?] generally waved before the diety.

The two are different actions... but if you were referring to a brand of dhoop called aarti dhoop, i wouldn't know. :) :)


Originally Posted by Casey
It doesn't appear to have any scent at all, but perhaps if it is burnt.

You have to burn it then extinguish the flame... allow it to smoke slowly and langourously... allow the fragrance to permeate...

brenny Dec 21st, 2007 22:34

What you have there, man, is Gold Copra (Copra Oro). You burn it on glowing charcoal. Bhoom Shankar!

gautam Dec 22nd, 2007 00:36

Casey, can you post the pics of the box, front, back and actual dhoop

Issued in the public interest by IM :D

camelgirl Dec 22nd, 2007 02:04

I bought a small box of "dhoop" and it had about 4, 2 inch long black "logs" which I pinched off a small piece & set it on something burn-proof, lit it like incense (blew it out) and it really smoked up the house. Smelled good too. It had a texture like tar. Huge amount of smoke! I think it could set off a smoke alarm!

machadinha Dec 22nd, 2007 02:31

That wouldn't have been dhope, by any chance? ;)

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