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  1. Must sees in Rajasthan and possibly Nepal
  2. Monsoon Month in the South
  3. Filling the gaps between Mysore and Mumbai- advice on areas to visit?
  4. Sept. weather, Rishikesh, Amritsar
  5. Need help with 6 or 8 week itinerary
  6. 2 weeks in the south
  7. Bored in the North
  8. the transporation from Mysore to Ooty and Ooty to Ernakulam?
  9. Rishikesh rafting, weekend trip, April
  10. Need help with 5 week itinerary
  11. Date of Nag Panchami 2008
  12. Basic historical & cultural sightseeing - 10 days in the end of April
  13. Mid-April to June: suggested cooler regions in the South?
  14. Please Suggest a Good Vacation between May 20 - June 5
  15. Where to go in August?
  16. north or south for first-timer in July
  17. BIG Itinerary!! Help xxx
  18. Delhi to Bangalore overground/by train?
  19. some transportation problems
  20. Trip to South India, mid-April to June, starting in Mumbai
  21. India in July
  22. Himachal or Uttarakhand?
  23. Jaipur-Bikaner-Amritsar-Ambala-Garhwal trip
  24. Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Agra, Varanasi
  25. 6 days - In & out of Mumbai
  26. Alchi in ladakh, no photography?
  27. Golden Triangle & Beaches, end of April
  28. Golden Triangle, Mumbai, Goa in July / Aug
  29. himachal & punjab itinerary
  30. Chennai to Mumbai, 8 days, (Relatively) Budget
  31. Extra night: Udaipur or Mumbai
  32. Udaipur to...?
  33. Jaipur OR Khaj/Orc OR chill out and enjoy other places more???
  34. 6 days in Dharamsala
  35. 6 Weeks in the North including Leh. Too much?
  36. From Manali to Jammu
  37. Hampi to Mysore? Mysore to Eranakulam?
  38. Driver recommendations
  39. Indian Panorama Travel Agency- Has anyone used it?
  40. South India - need some advice
  41. Planning on eloping to India!- Help needed ,South India itinerary!
  42. Quick visit to somewhere in South
  43. Freedom; 700rupees a day in my pocket.. Need preliminary planning advice.
  44. West Begal/Delhi May/June 2 weeks
  45. North or South?
  46. Backpacker tour groups
  47. Rajasthan in April...questions about the desert and camel safaris
  48. Agra, Kolkata, Darjeeling in August
  49. 1 week after durga puja in west bengal assam
  50. 12 days in the Ganges Plain
  51. 1 month, Mumbay to Delhi, November 08
  52. 2 weeks on $1000 USD?
  53. Dehli- Agra- Jaipur -Bombay
  54. Chennai to Mulky (Southern Karnataka)
  55. Secunderbad to Vijaywada/Agra
  56. Delhi-Madhya Pradesh-Rajasthan itinerary tips needed
  57. Where to go in June
  58. Traveling to Delhi staying in India for 2 weeks. What should I do
  59. India in August, can it be done
  60. changing itinerary based on weather?
  61. Piece of heaven in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
  62. First experience of "real" india - not much time!
  63. Quick weekend trip ideas
  64. Is this a realistic plan? 15 Days
  65. Valley of flowers
  66. Delhi-Agra-Varanasi
  67. Mysore to Goa
  68. Travel to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Goa
  69. Itenerariy Advice
  70. Agra to Kanpur
  71. June 9 to June 30 in India. Please advise!
  72. Month of June in Northwest?
  73. Delhi - Kolkata in 16 days?
  74. Chasing the (southwest) monsoon ?
  75. Planning advice
  76. Long-timers/Multiple Visits/Residents: Favorite Destination?
  77. From Leh to Shimla or Srinagar
  78. School Trip - India 10 days
  79. Bangalore to Kodaikanal
  80. Kharagpur to Secunderabad on April 25th, 2008
  81. Mumbai to New Delhi Itinerary advice needed.
  82. South India in July
  83. 1 month itinerary advice needed
  84. One Month Honeymoon in India in August! What are best places considering the weather?
  85. North or South?
  86. Fly out of Chennai or Kolkata?
  87. Anything to see between Mumbai & Goa except Aurangabad?
  88. Best Way to travel to Manali - Need urgent advice
  89. tearing my hair out!!!
  90. And suddenly, here I am going to TN; July Itinerary for TN, Varanasi, Delhi, Leh
  91. Need travel companion / company
  92. Summer in Kumaon vs. Manali/Shimla???
  93. Recommendations for end of April/may
  94. Grand Himalayan Road Tour (GHiRT)- What to Visit?
  95. National Parks, Rajasthan, Orccha etc. ..advice sought!
  96. good places for a city planner
  97. A Race Through India back Home
  98. To visit South India on a shoe string budget
  99. Our Latest Plan
  100. Best Long Term Plan?

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