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  1. Marriage to foreigner in bangalore
  2. Anyone renewed their USA passport by mail while in India?
  3. visa wants grandparents passport & citizenship dates
  4. OCI card holder but denied entry in India
  5. From PIO to OCI, Beginning with Affidavit Question
  6. OCI timeline in India
  7. Registration with FRRO (before obtaining an OCI in India)
  8. Business Visa to X Visa conversion possible ?
  9. Applied for an eVisa for child. Do I need anything else?
  10. Setting up a Partnership business in India - for Foreigners??
  11. Help Required!! Tourist Vs X Visa Vs Business or Employment Visa for a Spouse
  12. Guide to getting Stay visa for child born in India to foreign passport holder
  13. Activities allowed on a spouse visa - X Visa?
  14. X Visa to OCI card for Foreign Spouse
  15. B-2 visa Frro registration Not Done
  16. Minor overstay in india
  17. Having registered for 1 year business visa
  18. Employment or business visa, paid work below threshold
  19. How long does it take these days to get OCI card?
  20. Getting a business visa? Any advice?
  21. Travel to India but 6 months passport expiry - Advice needed
  22. Is it possible for non-indians to get Xvisa now a days?
  23. eVisa - Submit printed PDF Before or AFTER? No Embassy appointment Date.
  24. New Indian visa processing time Philippines
  25. Non resident (Colombian) applying for Indian tourist Visa in Switzerland
  26. Different port of arrival as stated in visa
  27. 90 day rule overstayed, problems?
  28. Employment Contract Question
  29. Past criminal conviction?
  30. Entry Visa question
  31. 10 Year Tourist Visa With Juvenile Adjudication / Visa question
  32. Business visa invitation letter Indian company
  33. Parents are British citizens and hold OCI cards, do they need an a Aadhaar card
  34. FRRO issues
  35. USA OCI Spouse Application Help?
  36. Aadhaar Website Outside India not working
  37. Re-enter India (valid OCI, valid SIngapore passport but less than 6 month validity)
  38. DILEMMA: Has anyone applied for an e-visa while being a PIO holder in case
  39. Need to apply for E-visa for me and my kids (Canadians)
  40. Any disadvantages to OCI?
  41. Name Change After Marriage In India?
  42. Short Term Tourist visa for Foreign Spouse- 2 week visit
  43. e Tourist Visa application question
  44. Research visa - "No registration required"
  45. Accidentally overstayed visa period by 3-days
  46. Blacklist period
  47. 5 yrs India - interview High Commision
  48. 90 day max stay
  49. Re-entry - help!
  50. US born citizen of Pakistani Origin with NICOP- Tourist Visa
  51. FRRO under Student VISA
  52. 180 day visa, 90 day stay
  53. 1 year visa leaving before 180 days
  54. Advice needed: crossing Indian border and returning (multiple entry visa)
  55. Indian tourist visa rejected, I need your advice.
  56. Any issues entering with a PIO?
  57. eVisa with double entry - land border
  58. Denied Entry or Re-entry back to India on Multiple Entry Visas
  59. US citizen applying for tourist visa from Nepal
  60. Forced to overstay tourist visa due to injuries from traffic accident
  61. Coming from India, requesting some Nepal visa info
  62. Denied entry in SG, sent back to India, then to USA
  63. Would Using a Tourist Visa Too Much Cause Problems?
  64. Can leave India before registering with the FFO again?
  65. X visa anno 2017
  66. E-Visa port-of-arrival question
  67. 6 months visa with 90 days stay. Gf overstayed the 90 days stay. Is she in trouble ?
  68. online visa payment problem.
  69. Indian SIM card and Aadhaar for foreigners
  70. Oci help
  71. OCI Card/ Visa Extension process for US born minors in India
  72. e-Visa and Electronic Travel Authorisation Clarification
  73. OCI (aka Dual Citizen), Adhaar, Permanent Resident + Study in India (IGNOU/Open Uni)
  74. Transit in Kochi airport NEED VISA???
  75. E-Visa Application from the UK - 2 Per Year Query
  76. New visa in different passport whilst in India
  77. Current visa was before child,do I need new Visa?
  78. E-Visa 60 day limit question
  79. Tourist e-visa (e-TV) second entrance points?
  80. Medical Visa. Need advise.
  81. Which Visa for independent contractor as US citizen?
  82. Ways to extend EVISA for an infant
  83. e-visa questions
  84. Which Visa Indian national travelling to Reunion
  85. PIO to OCI conversion experiences
  86. eVisa place of issue/Date of issue?
  87. No OCI for foreign spouse married under Hindu Marriage Act?
  88. Employment Visa for NGO
  89. Indian eVisa question!
  90. How to regularize Expired residential permit with change of state
  91. Business visa and FRRO registration
  92. E-Visa and simcard
  93. I Need Help With Invitation Letter Business Visa
  94. Medical Visa required extension of Tourist Visa time frame?
  95. OCI application rejected.
  96. OCI = passport held for 6 months?
  97. Oci application put on hold
  98. Help with visa run to Bambasa
  99. PIO cards to become invalid after October 2018
  100. Business visa - white lie - Pakistan origin?

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