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  1. How to get indian citizen being srilankan overstayed and married to Indian
  2. New Conditions E-tourist Visa
  3. Converting E-2 employment visa to X visa? Indian married to American
  4. Is FRRO registration needed in my situation? (International travel in a few weeks)
  5. Domestic flights while waiting for exit permit?
  6. Passport and visa validity after Brexit
  7. Help Please
  8. Infant e-visa expired - overstay by few months
  9. Anyone has any experience about immigration in Mumbai Airport?
  10. E-Visa Arrest question
  11. OCI Application - Custodianship Query
  12. Didnt Register in FRRO
  13. Student Exit
  14. Registration still processing and need to leave India
  15. UK National: 5 year tourist visa in Vietnam + Laos
  16. Need help to get Police Clearance Certificate
  17. Form C for Private house hosts
  18. OCI card application for child through surrogacy
  19. eVisa payment
  20. Mary
  21. Background check on 10 year visas?
  22. 180 day rule - tourist (overstayed on last visit?)
  23. Have you had trouble getting into India recently?
  24. Lost USA passport in india got new us pp reissued
  25. Applying for us passport renewal for minor from India
  26. Evisa second entry to india
  27. [HELP]How can I get X2 visa for foreign national married to Indian abroad [2018 Rule]
  28. e-visa for cruise question
  29. E visa after rejection
  30. Visa run for two months or a few days?
  31. Taking ashes to India
  32. 6 month-1 year Tourist Visa - Australian applying from Sri Lanka/Thailand/Nepal
  33. Leaving India on an employment visa
  34. Dependent Visa details for wife and kid
  35. indian visa and oci for child
  36. visa issue for French tourist.
  37. Police Clearance Certificate for OCI
  38. employment visa and quit job
  39. Experience on reentry into india on tourist visa
  40. E visa extension for US citizen infant
  41. Visa payment process
  42. Change of address just before leaving
  43. Question about applying for Evisa in the US
  44. Australian applying for Business Visa
  45. Blacklist problem
  46. Accidental overstay.
  47. Spouse OCI timelines
  48. OCI for foreign spouse
  49. Misplaced 1st OCI , Replaced with new OCI , Now found the OLD one and lost the new 1
  50. Problems getting an appointment for visa application/
  51. Religion on visa application
  52. OCI for long time Indian resident citizen
  53. Indian visa for Afghan born in Pakistan
  54. Even More E-Visa's.
  55. OCI trasfer to new passport
  56. OCI Issue
  57. Employment visa problem...
  58. OCI based on Indian spouse
  59. Any issues US Citizen minor with PIO card travel from India to USA back
  60. Tourist visa expiring, no time to wait for adjustment to Entry
  61. E-Visa processing time more than 72 Hours
  62. OCI for my wife which she is non Indian Origin
  63. Internship Visa for One Year
  64. New Business visa registration rules
  65. Entry ban
  66. Recent info getting a 180 day T-visa in SE Asia?
  67. OCI - spousal eligibility for UK citizen with illegitimate birth certificate?
  68. Indian eVisa - Double Entry Query
  69. OCi rejected
  70. 5yr old new passport in India or abroad with oci
  71. Wrongful rejection of e-visa application
  72. E Visa - Second entry
  73. exit stamp on residential permit- the official answer
  74. E-Visa and crossing over to Nepal
  75. OCI Address/Occupation Change
  76. Forced to overstay e-Visa with mom, do I need separate exit permit?
  77. Cox and Kings Update
  78. Exit Visa to Sri Lanka & Re-entry
  79. Possible options to take the baby back to India?
  80. need help regarding OCI application from India
  81. OCI working/business rights in Restricted and Protected areas
  82. OCI Time Line Houston Texas USA
  83. indian visa for minor kids whose dad is currently pakistan national
  84. Overstay period getting over ... what to do now ?
  85. Lost passport, tourist visa, not registered with FRRO, no c-from, time running out.
  86. Volunteer visa in detailed visa document 2018
  87. New: permanent residency allowed after large investment
  88. the Have you visited India before question
  89. Valid Visa in an invalid passport
  90. Retirement visa for US citizens
  91. OCI eligibility - foreign public service jobs
  92. FRRO required for people with a 5 year tourist visa.
  93. Forgot my OCI card for my daughter
  94. Modified validity for Tourist (T) Visa to India
  95. 5 years S visa for attending certain institutions providing Yoga Training...
  96. Visas for American citizens
  97. Travelling back for good on Indian Passport
  98. Living in India on a regular tourist visa
  99. What is taking so long?! 😌
  100. Is the arrival day taken into calculation on Visa stay ?

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