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  1. thievery in india
  2. Injecting Melons With Water
  3. shoes off at temples
  4. "Your card is not working Ma'am"
  5. A bit of a horror story re buying and shipping stuff from India
  6. How worried should I be?
  7. Beware of Agents in Mumbai
  8. Driver scam, hotel scam, or "mistake"? what do you think?
  9. Indian state bank ATM not dispensing my money.
  10. What would you do to prepare yourself for your wallet/purse getting stolen?
  11. Somebodys stealing things from my hotel room
  12. can i shout at a tout to get rid of them?
  13. Flag donation scam
  14. Currency Exchange
  15. Hotel rate increased when I asked to pay by PayPal. Advice Please
  16. The Rs 2,500 Samosa
  17. 4 Seats in III AC train coaches
  18. Turning a Tout into a Guide
  19. The Airport Waiting Room: A Final Goodbye & Screw You!
  20. Pickpockets at the Golden Temple in Amritsar
  21. lost $5000USD of camera computer equipment in siliguri...can anyone help!
  22. Indian touts, cab-drivers more annoying than in Vietnam or Cuba ?
  23. The Current Gem Scam Thread
  24. Beware of "professional" strangers in Delhi
  25. Lonely Planet's Recommendation "YOGI GUEST HOUSE" manager harrasment on my friends
  26. ATM or Credit Cards - Lost or Stolen
  27. Stares & Attention in Delhi????
  28. The Great Indian Juice trick Mumbai
  29. Baksheesh
  30. rickshaw drivers payment- what to do???
  31. I went to CP, and all of a sudden I have lots of friends
  32. Caution - Kalka Train Station
  33. Mumbai airport immigration desk scam
  34. Freebies, presentations and tables
  35. Hotel asking for cc # or 100% deposit--is this typical?
  36. Transport Annoyances in city areas such as new delhi
  37. Mobile phone Scam?
  38. What is a good exchange rate?
  39. How to pay - Cash or Credit Card?
  40. Did he mean illegal drugs?
  41. Goa Gem Scem - A Real Life Report to warn
  42. Theft Question
  43. Scam reserved for Indians only
  44. GPS unit got flicked at the MyTVS service center - Guindy (Chennai)
  45. Jammu-Leh - Safe?
  46. Disappointed with
  47. most memorable tout experience
  48. TataSky - Incompetent & expensive non-service
  50. Money Swap at NDLS Pre-Paid Auto Booth
  51. Beware: Can I take a photo WITH you?
  52. Charged without swipping my CREDIT CARD
  53. Baby Hungry Need Some Milk Scam
  54. Book Scam
  55. hidden cameras in paharganj hotel rooms
  56. Indians travelling with foreigners to monuments/attractions
  57. Beware the "friendly" Hello!
  58. The new scourge of India? (A rant!)
  59. Travel Agency Dispute Resolution
  60. Travel Warnings???
  61. Thieving on Trains
  62. 'Abused' Australian invokes Indian dowry law
  63. post office scam in Hampi, Karnataka
  64. DHL - sending things back home
  65. Tipping
  66. "Need glasses" scam?
  67. Should I bring my SLR camera?
  68. Backpacker kidnapped for ransom by gang in India
  69. Anyone used before?
  70. Invasion of personal space and personal protection.
  71. Jewellery scam, people to avoid in Goa
  72. Credit cards
  73. Be aware of Gorakpur
  74. 100Rs - 500Rs swap
  75. daylight robbery - mumbai airport
  76. "Pay whatever you like"
  77. How does this end?
  78. Has anyone booked a hotel at
  79. Touts & Beggars
  80. A Young Israeli Murdered
  81. Warning: Drugging at Sasaram train station Bihar
  82. phony doctor's bills?
  83. carrying a great dane on a train
  84. 'One kiss?'
  85. Hippy Hassles
  86. scamed as well
  87. Ripping off people from abroad!
  88. Was this fair?
  89. Jaisalmer - Beware Electricity Problems
  90. They are still at it.....another jewellery scam!
  91. Biggest gripe about India- the UK bucket shop
  92. Going to Ajunta?
  93. Kanyakumari - Vivekananda Rock Memorial 'Visitors' book' gouge.
  94. Can Tour Leaders mislead?
  95. Threats from Colaba Hotel Touts
  96. business scams in Delhi/Kashmir
  97. chainpadlock or not????
  98. ‘Photo please’ extortionists
  99. fake cops/police/the old bill on train...
  100. change? neh

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