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  1. Watch out for fake brahmin at Pushkar Lake!
  2. indian government bureau of travel (and fleecing)
  4. Accidental prank in Amritsar (woman)
  5. packages in the mail: asking for an appropriate tip or trying to scam the foreigner?
  6. Not as bad as I expected (first trip)
  7. Damsel In Distress Scam
  8. 15,000 Euro gem scam
  9. Mangalsutra as annoyance repellent?
  10. missed calls from international numbers
  11. Woman solo traveler, would North Eastern States be less hassle & more eased?
  12. Our Holy River GANGA [cry] Very bad condition
  13. Parcel sent from US to Pune stuck in Mumbai Customs!!! Please help!
  14. Don't let minor scams/overcharging ruin your holiday
  15. Madam, you are going the wrong way
  16. Bank scam at Delhi airport
  17. India Stupid-India Smart
  18. Prepaid taxi driver, trying to scam, or just rude?
  19. Proposed price hike for Corbett National Park
  20. Road Tax leaving Delhi airport for Gurgaon
  21. Room Theft by Cleaning Staff
  22. The "Foreigners only. No Room for Indians" annoyance
  23. Please suggest, how to resolve the matter
  24. The "No change" annoyance!
  25. Gem Scam: Beware of two young guys, Sunny and Ram
  26. how is it possible for a european tourist to travel with an indian guy
  27. Perceptions & realities: reflections of a solo female traveller's first trip to India
  28. Dutch volunteers ripped off by NGO?
  29. demand for exact change
  30. How to answer touts?
  31. Market Economy At Its Best (or Worst?)
  32. Frequent picture requests
  33. Wire transfer
  34. I am a bit anxious about my next trip
  35. How do you check official guides?
  36. Worst experience with other travelers?
  37. Shipping from India: did I get robbed?
  38. Tips for India?
  39. Rajasthan shop keepers - advice
  40. Medical insurance scams/Food poisoning scam
  41. Bad experience looking for a hotel after arriving early in the morning
  42. Mobile/Satelite Towers in Residential Areas
  43. Drug and Rob Gangs: Warning for all Tourists in India
  44. Tourist travel guide cover
  45. Gang fooling Hindi speaking people in Chennai
  46. Am I being paranoid?
  47. Don't Stand So Close To Me
  48. Scam at Security at the airport
  49. Beggar kids asking for food
  50. Passport tearing at Indian airports
  51. Travel Scams from Elsewhere: Improvisation in India ?
  52. Pre-paying for Hotels on organized tour
  53. nonscam
  54. If You Are Robbed ...
  55. Lucky me?
  56. Gem Scam
  57. Be careful: Booking with MakeMyTrip - Paid for but no ticket
  58. Almost scammed, and I should know better
  59. Strange story.....
  60. regrettably your card has been declined
  61. My favourite video...
  62. Best way to respond to eve teasing?? I have no idea
  63. Taxis in Kolkata
  64. 99 year land lease sign should you register or not, is a notarised document valid.
  65. My Personal India Scam Tale
  66. Here's a pretty girl ... with sister's MIL's severed head
  67. Beware: Shopping and shipping in (incredible) india
  68. the scam that worked out well.....
  69. Has anyone used Cleartrip for booking trains?
  70. Muslim woman traveling alone in India, any suggestions?
  71. Sitar scam alert, Amritsar
  72. A cautionary tale about shipping a sitar from India
  73. Help needed, bought something, did not get the goods
  74. Indian employer not paying salary
  75. polticians scams on increasing
  76. True or False?
  77. Relaxation and scammers
  78. Pinching children's cheeks - why do people do this?!
  79. "guides" at archaeological and heritage sites
  80. The best marketing lies to tourists
  81. "Miscommunication"
  82. How much should you pay for a large silk scarf?
  83. No access to budget hotel/guesthouse
  84. Insecure Women in India!
  85. safety last
  86. SCAM in India...USB KEY, CD
  87. "Relative in trouble" and general e-mail scams
  88. Gem Scam victims
  89. How's the problem of blocking railway by Gujjars a week ago ?
  90. Scam awards 2010 - DNA Newspaper India
  91. Help! Should I bother going to the police?
  92. Police Scams
  93. Why the discrimination? Jaago Re!
  94. My experience with a mini taxi and his with an iPad
  95. Sarai Kale Khan Bus Stand Racket - Take it up with higher authorities!
  96. Delays in exporting item via Fedex
  97. Applied behavioral marketing
  98. Visa sponsors
  99. Solo Female Travellers - a Different Perspective
  100. Rishikesh Jewellery Scam, November 2010

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