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  1. How do you prefer booking your travel?
  2. Are Indian Street Barbers Safe/Hygienic?
  3. Best place to visit in India in August
  4. Better city Bangalore or Chennai
  5. What Best Describes Your Reason to Travel India?
  6. Nikon or Cannon?
  7. What profession would you prefer
  8. What do you prefer, MOUNTAINS, JUNGLES, DESERT, BEACH, CITIES ?
  9. Trains
  10. Travel to Dooars
  11. January Honeymoon: Rajasthan, Himachal or Kerala?
  12. Thailand or India?
  13. Monsoons...ahhh what do i wear... :(
  14. How safe is it to drive a vehicle on Indian roads without blowing the horn ?
  15. help needed regarding himachal tour
  16. Favorite Cuisine?
  17. East Vs. The West Coast of India: Which is prettier.
  18. How frequently do you Travel?
  19. favorite holiday destination
  20. Best Vehicle for Hills?
  21. marriage/live-in
  22. How did you get your India guidebook?
  23. Going on 60, still together.. what unites India?
  24. Vote for the IndiaMike TShirt Slogan.
  25. Poll: when will Nick H reach 10.000 posts
  26. Travel Guide in eBook format
  27. do you prefer north, south, east, or west india?
  28. To what extent did Hinduism influence your religious beliefs?
  29. Indians aren't adventurous enough?!?
  30. Do you think travelling barefoot is more fun than travelling shod?
  31. When you love someone... do you
  32. What do you think of the smokers who smoke near the entrances of public buildings?
  33. What do you want ?
  34. Caste system, also amongst Hindu's in Europe??!
  35. If you had the power to fix one of the world's problems, which would it be?
  36. If I go out, then I go often to a.....
  37. Have the rains led to flooding in your area?
  38. If you "had" to move to India
  39. Which city has the worst autorickshaw drivers?
  40. Which town or area has the most freaks or wierdo tourists?
  41. What did you feel on your last day in India?
  42. Poll: How often do you go with a rickshaw?
  43. The mystery unravelled?
  44. which is your dream city
  45. If I don't have girl / boy friend, I like to have a blinddate from
  46. Where are the best beaches in India ?
  47. What would be your reason for volunteer work in India?
  48. Who makes the best Indian cinema?
  49. Poll: Where are the Indian people best in....
  50. What is the best way to find your future partner ?
  51. The value for money class in Train
  52. Northern India or the South
  53. The Indiamike Guide to India
  54. How Do You Wipe? A POLL OF POLLS
  55. What kind of IMer are you?
  56. Why do travellers opt for India ?
  57. Which company's food products do you prefer?
  58. Most prefered travel destinations
  59. Are you vegetarian? A Poll
  60. What is the chief hazard of India travel ???
  61. What Is Your Fave' Comfort Food In India
  62. and how old are you ???
  63. Bangalore Vs Hyderabad
  64. What new topics we can start on Indiamike?
  65. How many hours do you spend on Indiamike?
  66. Traveling alone is best
  67. How long will Salman Rushdie's marriage to Padma Lakshmi last?
  68. How much would you pay to use Indiamike for a period of 3 MONTHS?
  69. What do you do against malaria?
  70. Fave Fort in Rajasthan
  71. Your fave fort.. (Rajasthan)
  72. how do you spend your last week before departure?
  73. Are the French right to ban the wearing of religious symbols in schools?
  74. What's you pet indulgence?
  75. Where will you be during the Holidays?
  76. If you had to work in India, which of these jobs would you do?
  77. How old are you?
  78. How would you like to travel in India to make the trip most satisfying?
  79. Which event had the biggest impact on everyday life in modern India?
  80. Who would you prefer to travel around India with?
  81. What food do you eat in India?
  82. Which aspect of India attracts you most and why?
  83. How often have our forum members been to India?
  84. As first time visitor in India, which destination would be your first choice & why?
  85. Drinking water - where does yours come from?
  86. do you give a child in india 'one pen'?
  87. Who can we blame for the decimation of india's 'cultural fabric'?
  88. If you had a choice, on a 12 hour flight who would you want sitting next to you?
  89. How much on average do you spend per day travelling in India?
  90. What scared you most before your first visit?
  91. Should the U.S. and it's allies take military action for a "regime change" in Iraq
  92. Which is your favorite guide book?
  93. Can indiamike be habit-forming?
  94. How do you afford to travel

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