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  1. Father and Son Scam 14.3m Rs For Copper Plate Masquerading as NASA Employees
  2. Just for fun
  3. Mrs. "Maine Liya" Trump (Amul)
  4. Twitter trolls yoga guru Ramdev
  5. Application for Employment
  6. Any ol' dog will do!
  7. Serene backwaters turn scary... or funny?
  8. Japanophhilic
  9. I love the Indian sign boards for what they say about people
  10. Groom flunks math test, goes brideless
  11. NSII: Diaspora Desi and GungaDD
  12. NSFW: Utsav Chacks serial wanker !
  13. Sex Education in India
  14. NSFW: UnPC view of a typical indian flight
  15. jam boys?
  16. People you find at Indian weddings.
  17. 16 Signs You Went To A Convent School In India
  18. People happy, by Miracle of fish gift.
  19. Yes, no, maybe ....
  20. Incredible India!
  21. It happens only in India Santa
  22. India does better than anywhere else .. :)
  23. Spelling Mistakes From India That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Gag
  24. To all Indian IMers who create an account
  25. Chai and the tug of war
  26. Krishna and the Art of Email forwarding
  27. How to p**s off an Indian
  28. Meanwhile in Kerala
  29. The Great Adventure of a Cockroach From N.Y.
  30. Memory makes me laughing
  31. Positive Action Indian Stylee
  32. Everybody dance!!
  33. Share Your Indian Humor
  34. Why India Works
  35. Did you lock the door?
  36. Bad Karma : Anti-backpacking film
  37. Cluttering in the age of Tweets: Satire & Humor
  38. Delhi Metro, NO MANURE allowed!
  39. Forgot To Give The Tickets, Forgot To Take The Keys.
  40. Milli Chulbuli Vs Shalini Sheherwali Vs...: ĦQue lindo!
  41. A day in the life of India:
  42. Admission Process Comic Strip
  43. Interesting Restaurant - Munnar
  44. The Tout X Factor.
  45. Indian idiosyncrasies.
  46. 10 Things a foreigner should know about India
  47. The love/hate relationship
  48. What "polite" questions can be asked to a foreigner?
  49. Glass eyeballs
  50. Telemarketing calls
  51. Planet of the Apes
  52. elephant ride
  53. Mir's Enjoy Guru (enjoy if you understand bengali)
  54. What happened to the funny Indian signs?
  55. what people Google
  56. walking into the house without knocking
  57. First Night Delhi '93
  58. Dinner With Siddhartha
  59. The Bus To BR Hills
  60. Motorcycle Texting
  61. Did you get what you asked for...?
  62. Saga of trucks
  63. Matchless Christmas Gifts...
  64. Small funny India movies
  65. Indian Print Media
  66. Black magic in India
  67. The Great Rescue Operation
  68. Some More Civil Engineers
  69. The best architect- Happens only in india
  70. Road Signs!!!!!!
  71. A German plays Holi!
  72. Roadjunky kills Pico Iyer!
  73. shopping bonus or not?
  74. Call Centers in India... How can I help you Sir?
  75. Mistakes on the Invitation
  76. Only in India: An Airline That Doesn't Fly
  77. Comments on the wall!!
  78. You have to visit here for rebirth !
  79. Only in India...Anticlimax!!
  80. Dumbest thing you've done in India
  81. Funny India Story
  82. The "rush" in the wrong place??
  83. Confessions of a Defiant Driver on Indian Roads...
  84. not the kind of message I was expecting...
  85. Indianness Test
  86. The Indian caste system?
  87. Indian "heliorickshaw"
  88. health and well being must see
  89. Why Indians give unsolicited advice?
  90. India Man Fails High School Exams 39 times
  91. Graffiti at the rear of trucks !!
  92. Best "Indian Cow" Story
  93. Gatecrashers at New Delhi Airport
  94. How big is your village?
  95. PIO card does not prove your identity!
  96. Being asked about your salary
  97. Passengers asked to push train
  98. Very Funny (italian news)
  99. Indian mentality and customs
  100. protesters to burn effigies of Richard Gere

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