View Full Version : Arts in India

  1. The sari specialists
  2. Art books online
  3. Art / Antique purchase and valuation
  4. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) book sale
  5. Sahapedia and the Mapping Museums Project: For brooms, brains or just an apology
  6. Your favorite weave / print
  7. The ministry of broken things
  8. Which traditional attire is popular among Indian men?
  9. Folklore, myths and handloom
  10. Kumhar Gram: A Song of Earth and Fire
  11. Buying Light Cotton Throws
  12. "Horn Please", a short film
  13. Indian Miniature Painting
  14. Hidden treasures: Stepwells
  15. Skin Deep: The Tale of India’s Tattoo Tradition
  16. Payal or Ankle Chains
  17. Chhattisgarh’s Tattooed Ramnami Community
  18. Lost Wax bronze casting artists
  19. Experience Contemporary Art in India
  20. Can I buy a carpet in Mysore
  21. And this handicraft is ....
  22. Translation please
  23. Translation of Korean language text on a wall hanging
  24. Are there tattoo artists in India?
  25. Kathak teacher?
  26. Mohallas and Bastis of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
  27. Manipuri kauna mats
  28. Indian Marching Bands
  29. Looking for truck art painter in Chennai/Pondicherry
  30. Used Vintage Sarees - where can one buy?
  31. Who is she?
  32. Need help to identify this rosewood elephant statue
  33. Resources to help students hone in on a research topic
  34. Textiles and Fiber Craft
  35. Music/Dance at SPIC MACAY 2nd Int'l Convention: 8th - 14th June 2014 Chennai IIT
  36. Stolen Art Works from India
  37. USA: Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival
  38. Bengali scarves
  39. Yet another thrift shop find
  40. Another thrift shop find - What is it?
  41. Made in India?
  42. Famous Bharatanatyam Institutes?
  43. The Body and why it isn't spoken of in India
  44. Colloquium for Museum Professionals - Delhi 2014
  45. Indian Art in Pasadena, California, USA
  46. Name these deities
  47. Textiles / Embroidery workshops in India?
  48. Art at the NGMA / National Museum
  49. Arts, crafts & technology..
  50. What color is your carpet?

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