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  1. Does anyone know cheap/good course of Soundhealing between Jan-Mar?
  2. Looking for Kundalini Yoga Instructor
  3. Yoga Ayurveda with Young Child
  4. Has anyone done the Yoga Therapy Diploma at Yoga Point India (Yoga Vidya Gurukul Ashr
  5. Yoga certification with family
  6. Is hatha yoga hard or easy?
  7. Drop-in yoga classes or short workshops in Mumbai
  8. Did you make it as a Yoga teacher?
  9. Book ahead or trust my intuition?
  10. Yoga in Mumbai
  11. Mysore - acommodation for a group of 16 pax in January 2018?
  12. Need information about yoga school
  13. In dire need of information regarding yoga schools at rishikesh
  14. Shakti Yoga Peeth / Akshi Yogashala
  15. Need a little help, traveling solo to rishikesh
  16. Any alumni of Swami Narayanan day on this forum?
  17. Iyengar yoga in Rishikesh - Do you know how to contact Rudra Dev Gowda or Usha Devi ?
  18. Yoga Education in India. Universities
  19. Home Yoga
  20. Become a Meditation Teacher
  21. Does any one know about Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School
  22. Bikram moves back to India
  23. Yoga in Bangalore
  24. Yoga in Rishikesh Shiva Yoga Peeth is it good?
  25. (Not so spiritual) Yoga retreat Northern India April
  26. Yoga teaching training in Goa
  27. Breathing technique teacher?
  28. Yoga Education in India. Prospects
  29. Yoga Therapy india dec 2015 to feb 2016
  30. Yoga in Mangalore
  31. Uttarkashi in summer: Sivananda Ashram
  32. Anyone doing Sivananda TTC and Sadhana Intensive June,July,August,October 2015
  33. Anyone doing Sivananda TTC ?
  34. Siddhi Yoga / Patanjali International Yoga Foundation
  35. Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training down south between May-July
  36. Help needed sitting cross legged..
  37. Detox retreat with yoga & meditation in North india?
  38. Looking for Ashram/Ayurvedic/Vipassana centre in March 2015
  39. Yoga classes / teacher in Noida, NCR
  40. Yoga Classes in Chennai
  41. Ashram in Goa for absolute beginner old bird!!!
  42. TTC Yoga Vidya april 2015
  43. Ashrams in Haridwar/Rishikesh ?
  44. TTC 05 Apr 03 May 2015 (Sivananda Kutir, Uttarkashi)
  45. Yoga in Rishikesh
  46. PM Modi Now Has a Minister for Yoga, Ayurveda
  47. Yog-Ganga verses Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
  48. Looking for Rudradev Gowda, yoga teacher in Rishikesh
  49. Atmavikasa Yoga - Venkatesha
  50. Yoga teacher training
  51. Padma Nair? (Yoga teacher, Chavutti Thirumal practitioner)
  52. Ayurvedic Centre in/near Kerala?
  53. Best TTC in Kerala 2014/2015?
  54. Ayruveda for Stress
  55. Trip to India to learn yoga and meditation
  56. Seeking Ashram Suggestions
  57. BKS Iyengar has passed away
  58. KYM Heart of Yoga
  59. After Naked Yoga comes Beefcake Yoga
  60. Sivananda Netala, Kutir - 11 September 2014
  61. Yoga in the begining
  62. Yoga Teacher training - Rishikesh
  63. Yoga Teacher Training: Tulasidalam or Shantarasa
  64. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh?
  65. Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurveda Courses Help
  66. Yoga course at Paramarth, Rishikesh.
  67. Vinyasa Yoga School
  68. Ashrams in Mumbai and Haridwar
  69. Sivananda TTC Uttarkashi July 2014
  70. Curing back pain with Yoga
  71. Ashtanga yoga mysore
  72. Ashtanga Yoga Mysore
  73. SDM Nature Cure - Dharmasthala
  74. Authentic Yoga Ashrams
  75. Ghosts of Yogas Past and Present
  76. Going for TTC course Shivananda Ashram Uttarkashi April, 2014
  77. Yoga and Ayurveda in Kerala
  78. Yoga Holiday ?
  79. Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala- April 2014
  80. Yoga teacher training in Goa
  81. Integral Yoga Institute/Coimbatore
  82. Yoga in Rishikesh
  83. Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga Drop Ins ??
  84. Yoga and hip injuries
  85. Restoring yoga to its South Asian roots
  86. Lino Miele - Ashtanga Workshop
  87. Drop-in Yoga in Southern India?
  88. Students of Shiva Yog Peeth or Rishiskesh Yog Shala
  89. Yoga TTC fall 2013 Northern India
  90. Bansuri flute teachers
  91. Yoga Teacher Training Himalayan Yoga Academy in Rishiskesh
  92. Vamachara?
  93. Looking for something not sure what to improve my health and to change my career to
  94. Yoga for Indians !!
  95. Looking for a yoga therapy training in Kerala, who can help me out? Thanks
  96. Ananda in the himalayas, Tehri-Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  97. India for Yoga - Rishikesh, Mysore or Nashik? Yoga Festival (India), 2014?
  98. Staying in an Ashram - Sivananda Kutir in Netala, Uttarkashi
  99. Hernia Cure
  100. Advanced Yoga Philosophy

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