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  1. Special marriage act and parents' consent
  2. Confused regarding the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
  3. Marriage under the Special Marriage Act (British female , Indian Male)
  4. Marriage Registration Procedure
  5. Certificate of no impediment apostille?
  6. Where to start with a marriage visa
  7. UK Visa, Indian passport queries..urgent
  8. Extension of X-visa after wedding
  9. UK Visa, Indian passport queries..urgent
  10. Indian visa to my fiancee in UK
  11. Indo-German marriage
  12. Indian want to settle in Australia / Canada after marriage
  13. Can Indian Nationals get married in Bhutan
  14. PIO card in Delhi or Berlin
  15. PIO application through Travisa - No PO Box?
  16. right to stay in india after marriage?
  17. marriage visa
  18. Medical Certificate requirement for Indian spouse Visa
  19. UK Visa for Indian husband
  20. 2 UK Citizens getting married in India
  21. need help please
  22. NEED HELP : Getting married to Chinese !
  23. Applying for PIO while in India
  24. Confused
  25. Merging of PIO and OCI
  26. Indian spouse visa
  27. Filipino-Indian couples married in the PHILIPPINES
  28. I will be marrying my American girlfriend, have some questions & issues
  29. Travelling with Foreign Spouse to India - super-confused!!!
  30. Getting Married in India to a Tibetan
  31. Engaged and Soon to Relocate-- Marry Before Heading to India?
  32. Indian Japanese Wedding - Need Help
  33. Indian Japanese Wedding - Need Help
  34. can i marry with my british girlfriend in india?
  35. Filipino-indian marriage
  36. Need help........ Marriage Visa question.........
  37. Marriage in India
  38. Money demands by girl's family for marriage with chinese GF
  39. what happens to an other nationality married to an indain
  40. Getting married to foreigner without Residence Permit
  41. we want to get married :)
  42. I am American and I want to marry a man from Pune
  43. Marriage Registration Question
  44. Spouse visa to India
  45. Getting married in Goa
  46. I am an Indian & I want to marry a Bosnian gal.
  47. Philippine Government requirements for Philipina marrying an Indian living in the US
  48. Schengen Visa after Marriage
  49. wakf board marriage certificate?
  50. I have a question about marriage and 'X' visas
  51. Wife Passport before marriage date
  52. How can I (Bangladeshi) work in India ? Grounds of Marriage
  53. Report of Marriage to Philippine Embassy
  54. Experiences with check of marriage certificate by German embassy
  55. Proof needed while waiting for entry visa after marriage
  56. Marriage Certificate Correction
  57. Married to an Indian in Sri Lanka and trying to settle in India
  58. Greece Visa - Marriage Certificate
  59. Indian Citizen Marrying UK Citizen
  60. another marriage question
  61. passport after marriage
  62. Registration of Marriage, Delhi
  63. New Visa Rules & Marriage
  64. Would a foreign same-sex marriage be recognized in India?
  65. Pio For Spouse
  66. Filipino- Indian marriage requirements....
  67. Name change after marriage for Dubai issued passport
  68. Applying for PIO after Marriage to Indian Citizen.
  69. Is this true?....Court marriage in Delhi without waiting period?
  70. American/Indian Marriage - Visa queries
  71. Legalising marriage by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - India ...
  72. More Time...options After Marriage To Indian
  73. Indian Marriage Visa & Registrations
  74. Foreigner Extending Stay In India after Marriage
  75. Marriage/Employment
  76. Re-issue of Indian Marriage Certificate
  77. conversion to X visa in Home Ministry following marriage
  78. Does marriage certificate have to be notarized to get x/entry visa and how to do it?
  79. Reg marriage legalisation for dependant visa in switzerland
  80. Marriage Registry in West Bengal
  81. How soon can I apply for the 'No record of marriage' form?
  82. getting x visa after marriage to Indian in Sri Lanka
  83. indian marriage/visa questions
  84. British citizen marrying an Indian citizen/ special marriage act
  85. Visa extension while waiting for marriage proof document
  86. Marrying foreign national in India
  87. Hindu-Christian marriage invalid under Hindu Act: Indian Supreme Court
  88. Stamp on Marriage Certificate from Ministry of External Affairs
  89. Indian boy marrying French girl
  90. URGENT - uk/indian marriage and uk visa
  91. Is Indian marriage legal overseas?
  92. Please Help : Marriage Issue
  93. chinese marriage
  94. new help: Previous Marriage?
  95. Visa Extension & Marriage to Chinese girl
  96. Entry visa for spouse - Please reply ASAP
  97. Legalising marriage by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  98. Tourist Visa, Object of Journey : tourism or marriage?
  99. Indo French marriage transfer from tourist visa to x visa for my wife
  100. PIO Card Application for U.S. Citizen Spouse

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