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  1. Immigration lawyer in Mumbai? It's complicated....
  2. Registration of marriage already registered in China
  3. Going to India
  4. South Africa:Indian under TRP
  5. Pakistani national Muslim girl marrying Sikh Indian boy
  6. Apply for my wife passport
  7. Aussie getting married in Bihar to an Indian
  8. marrying indian spouse working in germany
  9. Indian Married to Nigerian in India wanting Indian Citizenship
  10. Want to Marry a Bangladeshi Girl
  11. MARRIAGE - how much did you pay in GOA?
  12. Criminal Clearance Certificate
  13. American National on Business Visa marries Indian national in India - now what?!
  14. Indian marrying a foreigner . Please help!
  15. PIO for the spouse of an OCI of India?
  16. british pakistani to marry indian national:)
  17. Getting my japanese spouse name on my passport
  18. Advice required and much appreciated
  19. Getting married in Sri lanka - Legal Procedures ahead
  20. Spouse Name Change
  21. Post marriage name change of wife as per the astrology
  22. Adding spouse name in passport
  23. Wife Cheated and Ran Away from USA and Staying in India
  24. What is "certified copies of a marriage certificate"?
  25. Indian marrying a UK citizen
  26. sponsor funds (how much?)
  27. Indian citizen marrying a German girl
  28. Indian Marrying a Paraguayan
  29. Getting married to a Hungarian Girl
  30. Is it necessary to change one's name while converting into Hindu?
  31. indian marrying afghan fiance
  32. heyy guys!! i need help
  33. Foreigners visa office in jaipur?
  34. Help in selecting Entry X or PIO
  35. Registering under Special marriage act - no need for residency?
  36. Getting married to an Indian in India
  37. Registration at the place of solemnization:no requirement of prior 30 days residence?
  38. 30 days prior residence requirement abolished in Delhi?
  39. Special Marriage Act in Mumbai, and Direct Consulate Filing I-130 (American/Indian)
  40. How to get a Marriage visa?????
  41. Applying for my GF Indian visa to get married
  42. Married to sri lankan
  43. X visa for my spouse
  44. Document doubts for getting married in Philippines
  45. Marrying a non Indian and retaining citizenship.
  46. Indian wedding, bachelor party
  47. UK Marriage VISA
  48. Visa to US - Help!
  49. Question about Kerala marriage
  50. Legal formalities and Marriage formalities in marrying a Filipino
  51. Gratis x-visa extension for Germans married to Indian?
  52. indian + belarusian = family
  53. Indian planning to get married to a Russian Girl in India
  54. Marriage Registration - Looking for a lawyer in Delhi.
  55. Marriage Registration and Apostille
  56. PIO Application
  57. X visa for a Filipino
  58. Keeping Indian Employment Visa Once Married to Indian?
  59. UK Tier 1 dependent VISA - is Marriage Certificate compulsory?
  60. how get indian visa for foreign citizen with pakistan origin
  61. moving back home with south african wife - not easy
  62. Some more visa questions
  63. Can a divorced foreigner marry an indian in india?
  64. Proving one's singleness: getting an "Unmarried certificate"
  65. The validity of the marriage certificate issued by the Christian Marriage Registrar
  66. no entry visa until 6 months married?!
  67. marriage in india
  68. P.I.O Card application
  69. Visa type for Dutch resident, British citizen marrying an Indian, in India
  70. Dependent Visa for Johannesburg, South Africa
  71. Indian national marrying a Dutch citizen
  72. Marriage Indian and Sri Lankan
  73. visa for illigitimate son
  74. how to get a spouse visa
  75. Indemnity Bond for PIO Application
  76. NewDelhi- Holland Marriage advice?
  77. Info on x visa
  78. Evidence for X Visa
  79. Australian Man Wanting to Marry His Indian Fiancée - Help needed!
  80. Pio application
  81. Marriage registration- visa acquisition  Total confusion!!
  82. Indian Passport Centre Demanding Affidavit from Spouse....?
  83. Does marriage certificate need approval for German visa
  84. Registration of marriage with a foreigner in India
  85. attestation of documents
  86. NRI residing in UK wants to marry UK citizen who is divorced in India
  87. American girl/ Muslim Indian boy to marry
  88. I am an Indian and want to marry a Ukranian Girl
  89. X visa
  90. Is tourist visa convertable?
  91. X-Visa
  92. Need marriage advice
  93. Can a Sri Lankan married to Indian get a PIO?
  94. What type of Air Ticket Permissible for Entry Visa?
  95. IELTS Query!
  96. UK Citizen getting married to a Indian in December 2011
  97. How about Hong Kong or Taiwan marring to a Kashmiri Indian?
  98. UK citizen marrying Indian citizen in Mumbai - X visa, E visa or what?
  99. Indian girl marrying a pakistani guy
  100. Help

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