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  1. PIO For Chinese Singaporean Spouse of Indian Citizen
  2. Marriage for a British Citizen and an Indian Citizen
  3. indo-french marriage , marriage law in india and prenuptial agreement
  4. Help Please....
  5. visa type
  6. "No Objection" Letter (American-Indian marriage)
  7. NOC for marriage certificate
  8. Marrying an African Girl
  9. Foreigner Marrying an Indian Air Force Pilot
  10. Getting an Aussie Visa for my Indian hubby and son
  11. An INDIAN getting married to a GERMAN in INDIA...
  12. German getting married to an Indian, Simple Question
  13. HELP Indian marriage in UK Questions.
  14. Legalisation of Marriage Certificate - Steps
  15. Difficulties regarding love with Indian man
  16. indian-spanish
  17. Getting married in the Caribbean.
  18. Pakistani Husband, Indian wife.
  19. Indian guy marrying an American girl
  20. Apply Indian citizenship on marriage ground to an Indian citizen ...
  21. Applying for POI
  22. MEA has contracted out attestation and apostile service
  23. Advice: Indian w/ EU-Citizen Marriage in Europe
  24. Bangladeshi Husband & Indian Wife, T-visa / X-visa from Australia
  25. Visa conversion
  26. Foreign spouse converting T visa to X visa in India
  27. marriage act related confusion
  28. Newbie!
  29. spouse uk visa
  30. Wakf board marriage certificate
  31. Conversion of Student Visa to X Visa
  32. Registration of marriage in India being both foreigners
  33. how to get visa going to the Philippines via hongkong
  34. Marriage, honeymoons and visas
  35. Hyderabad Guy marrying a Chinese Lady : Marriage Registration and Visa procedures
  36. Filipino-Indian Partners Travel Documents
  37. Indian Marrying Pakistani
  38. US Citizen living in India wants to marry Indian Citizen continue to live India
  39. need information about getting married with canadian girl in india..
  40. Spouse of Indian Citizen Registration Guideline at India FRRO w/in 14 days of arrival
  41. Is marrying in US or India easy?
  42. Looking for Marriage advocate in Mumbai
  43. registration/attestation of marriage contract
  44. Indian guy getting married to a French girl.
  45. What is safest?
  46. Indian-US marriage questions
  47. Sri Lankan marrying an Indian registration documents
  48. Converting to X Visa after marriage - Currently on an employment visa
  49. Afghan and Canadian marrying in India?
  50. Documents needed to marry an Indian?
  51. Indian guy marrying Russian girl
  52. getting married in India
  53. Need Help in regards to SMA!!
  54. Patiala House Apostille: Can someone get it on your behalf?
  55. US Citizen marrying Indian in India
  56. Indian Man marrying Russian woman in India
  57. Permanent Residency in india
  58. Only original documents accepted at UK Indian Consulate?
  59. Australian Spouse visa from India
  60. Divorce - Information
  61. Getting outside marriage validated in India.
  62. Need advice fast
  63. X Visa & passport renewal - British Citizen
  64. Civil marriage confusions : Malaysian girl to marry Indian boy
  65. No objection certificate from British High Commission Delhi.
  66. Big PIO problem
  67. Need help: Hindu marriage and immigration to Canada
  68. fiancee visa help needed
  69. P.I.O Application HELP!!
  70. Another India/US Marriage Question! Yay!
  71. nri/pio marrying pakistan us citizen
  72. Acceptance of marriage certificates - Advice please
  73. Weddings are always complimentary in Jamaica: Not for the faint hearted
  74. getting a marriage registration
  75. U.S. Citizen marrying Indian Citzen
  76. Visa for Pakistani origin wife
  77. Under which marriage act is my marriage REGISTERED?
  78. Certificate of no impediment lodgement
  79. my(Indian) wife pakistani born canadian citizen
  80. How can I marry a Moroccan girl from India?
  81. UK citizen marrying an Indian questions
  82. Please help!!... unable to get resident permit for marriage
  83. Which VISA do I need to get married in India ??
  84. EEA Family Permit visa refused :(
  85. Requirements for a US citizen to get married in India
  86. X Visa from Australia or Eupore
  87. Advice/opinion on what is best option re marriage and visas
  88. Indian-Foreigner Special Act Marriage: A Long Winded How To
  89. Filipino-Indian Wedding -help please
  90. Indian Filipina Mariage in INDIA
  91. Leaving and returning to India for less than two months?
  92. About visa extension and extended restricted area permit
  93. Applying for an X-Visa
  94. Marrying a foreigner
  95. Spouse from US: "permanent" visa/name change
  96. How can a Asian woman marry a White man from the USA legally ?
  97. A two foreigner marriage in bangalore
  98. Marriage in the USA, move to India
  99. US Citizen Marriage to an Indian in India || Help
  100. Marrying an Indian - do my existing kids get PIO

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