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  1. Spouse Visa Question from a Student
  2. Visa issue
  3. PIO visa application from within India under less than one year X visa ?
  4. Entry Visa (X visa) Application - VFS London
  5. How to convert on arrival visa to x visa?
  6. Mumbai Marriage Registration - Recent Experience ?
  7. Attestation of marriage certificate in Delhi
  8. Financial Requirements for Spouse Visa UK
  9. Want to marry pakistani girl but she is under 16
  10. Is it better to get married in India or in the US?
  11. Aadhaar Card for Foreigner Married to Indian
  12. Sri Lankan citizen married to an Indian
  13. Translation of Indian marriage certificate into Romanian
  14. Indian want to marry Mexican
  15. Visa for marriage in India
  16. Indian girl marrying a British guy
  17. Marriage, x-visa, pio.. in noob-language please
  18. Indian Girl Marrying a Pakistani Boy
  19. Transfer from tourist visa to X visa?
  20. Indian Citizen marrying US Citizen in India
  21. Marriage Certificate (help)
  22. Marrying a Pakistani girl!
  23. Anybody married to Tibetan with children?
  24. Is it possible to convert Tourist Visa for my Australian Spouse to an Entry Visa
  25. Our marriage - the ups and downs (Indian + Portuguese couple)
  26. Marrying indonesian woman
  27. Indian Girl Marrying Pakistani Guy working in UK
  28. Interview questions.
  29. Help Needed
  30. Indian marrying a US citizen
  31. Indian without Indian Passport wants to marry a foreigner in Delhi/India.
  32. X visa application
  33. Canadian Citizen Coming To India!
  34. Letter for Visa Conversion
  35. Advice: German residence permit - Indian-EU Couple
  36. K3 Question
  37. non india spousal visa/retirement
  38. pio application
  39. Marriage with a UK citizen
  40. Information of foreign citizens marriage in India
  41. Marriage with Polish citizen in India with Indian citizen
  42. Single status affadavit question
  43. Proof of Indian nationality of husband's parents for PIO
  44. PIO Woes
  45. American citizen getting PIO after marriage to Indian with OCI
  46. To invite foreigner to india
  47. procedure of marriage to a Tibetan refugee
  48. visa for wife
  49. American married to Indian
  50. Traveling with not-technically my husband
  51. Nepalese husband
  52. Help! really complicated visa questions. NZ/NRI
  53. Resident's Permit Visa for Germany
  54. Visa to US
  55. NRI marriage in USA whether valid by India
  56. Fee for PIO-card payable before application?
  57. Visa for child of US/Italian and Indian
  58. Marriage and Visas
  59. marriage certificate
  60. Indian marriage a Brazilian women in India ?
  61. Child's nationality
  62. What Visa would be required for my partner to live in India with me?
  63. Marriage as a formality , does it involve parents?
  64. Indian-Italian Marriage
  65. "Celibacy" certificate for marriage in Belgium?
  66. Will I be able to work in my field of social work once I marry my indian boyfriend?
  67. Leaving India during timeframe for marriage under Special Marriage Act
  68. Travelers looking to get married in Indian tradition
  69. Registering in China
  70. no objection letter\visa questions
  71. My child adoption by my indian husband.
  72. PIO after 1 year of any stay visa?
  73. Desi-firangi marriage:MARRIAGE ABROAD vs MARRIAGE IN INDIA
  74. Special Marriage Act becoming unavailable to foreigners?
  75. Indian-German marriage
  76. Need information on Indian Citizenship
  77. Marriage after conversion invalid: Kerala high court
  78. Reliable Agent for Getting Apostille in Delhi
  79. Register Marriage procedures
  80. marry a goan
  81. Getting Married in Goa
  82. Marriage: US Bride+ Indian Groom, Marriage Registration
  83. Dependent Visa query
  84. Lawyer
  85. Indian Husband Bangladeshi Wife
  86. Procuring X visa
  87. UK to Bangalore best options
  88. Passport for My wife
  89. Spouse visa OR visiting visa (Germany)
  90. Passport status
  91. Visa situation query - marriage and moving to Chennai!
  92. PIO/Marriage/Visa Questions
  93. British Muslim convert to marry Indian man in India via Special Marriage Act?
  94. what type of visa do I need?
  95. single status certificate hyderbad
  96. No Impediment to Marriage Certificate- for marriage outside India
  97. Indian man and ukrainian woman
  98. Indian man marrying a French woman, in India
  99. Indian Marrying an Iranian - visa questions
  100. Indian/SwissMarriage

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