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  1. For All The Cat Lovers
  2. Did you need an original of the rabies certificate when you got into the country?
  3. Taking Dogs and cat to India - lets get some new info here - May 2009
  4. Bringing Dog to India and back to the US
  5. Up for adoption!
  6. Help : Need boarding for 5 month old puppy in Chennai - for a week
  7. About cows and global warming...
  8. Large dog travel kennel needed in Goa
  9. Do dogs have to do quarantine?
  10. super bow wow chow
  11. Dog boarding in chennai
  12. Flying dog back to USA
  13. Guinea pig delhi
  14. So did anyone try to take their pets to India?
  15. Street Dog Serenader
  16. Rabies Serum Titer test for US import of cat
  17. Looking for adopting a Pug in Delhi
  18. Anyone want to be a hero?
  19. Another abuse case - Mumbai dog lovers wanted
  20. Dog boarding facility in Goa
  21. Vet Needed
  22. Tinned catfood in Ahmedabad!
  23. Train to Munnar
  24. Lovely Rosie needs a home
  25. Pet friendly accomodation in Munnar
  26. Deflecting Giant Indian Spiders
  27. What is a Jha?
  28. Do not leave animals with shacks or shops! Do not give money!
  29. Who to blame when your pet becomes a carpet on the road?
  30. Moving with 5 cats!!
  31. Hotels & Dogs
  32. available for adoption into loving homes
  33. taking my dog back to Holland
  34. Taking My dog to India?
  35. Want a female Lab for metting
  36. Taking my dog back home
  37. Should We Adopt A Stray Indian Pup?
  38. is game hunted still in india with dogs?
  39. couldnt monkeys be trained to scout hostage situations
  40. bully kutta dogs in india
  41. How to help an injured animal in India?
  42. Great vet in Bombay - pref Bandra area?
  43. Hats Off To All You Guys
  44. Animal care in Ahmedabad
  45. How to help a dog in Delhi?
  46. Moving from USA to India- Quarantine Period for Dog?
  47. Natural Balance food products in India?
  48. Bringing a stray dog from Goa to the UK
  49. Yak rides at Tsmongo Lake
  50. Elephant safaris, behind the scenes
  51. a stray
  52. How to deal with canine mange?
  53. need a home for my dog
  54. Cats eating... rice?
  55. Bull Fighting in GOA
  56. Gentle Vet in Candolim Area
  57. Taking Him Home
  58. my street dog, Susan
  59. Pet grooming
  60. Tigers as pets.
  61. Anyone in Pune missing a lab or lab mix female? Found one ...
  62. self feeders / waterers
  63. Lost lives
  64. monkey in my kitchen!
  65. My fosters
  66. The rights of animals in India
  67. Quality dog food in Chennai?
  68. dog nurses tiger cubs
  69. Performing monkeys suffer! Visitors to India please do not encourage!
  70. Cat food in Ahmedabad
  71. keeping a cat in Mumbai - just took in a stray kitten
  72. Scarlett's dog needs a home
  73. PAWS has a website and vets wanted
  74. wanted: home for miss india
  75. Again, cat and dog import.
  76. Coming Soon: New Stray Clinic and Animal Sanctuary in Kerala
  77. quarantine or no quarantine? / pets aboard a plane to India
  78. Free downloads on Nature in India
  79. Geckos - more to their acrobatics than what meets the eye
  80. Puppy looking for owner: Goa or beyond (north?)
  81. Boarding animals
  82. any information about cat in india or indian culture
  83. Why do the goats wear coats?
  84. We've got a family! Also Vet experience with cats
  85. Pune: Sweet Kitten looking for a home
  86. 6 floor fall and kitty's alive!
  87. travelling with dog in India
  88. Bangalore dogs need adoption
  89. Good news: A way to take animals to the UK
  90. the dangers of owning a pet in semi-rural india
  91. Bangalore animal shelter needs help
  92. Monkeys Kill Delhi Deputy Mayor
  93. Chicken Tent?
  94. A fish called Wanda
  95. animal burial with Buddhist rituals in Bihar
  96. Circus in town
  97. To Those Dreaming About Moving To India
  98. Bombay: Who can take a cat for a year (all paid)?
  99. Pune: elderly German shepherd needs a new home
  100. Any snake experts?

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