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  1. night train to Jaisalmer
  2. Nightmarish period for IR to begin?
  3. To Bangalore via Bombay and Goa
  4. The Last Train Ride (Egmore)...
  5. 'Our trains are in lap of the god'
  6. Train booking online - How early?
  7. getting to delhi from udaipur
  8. Buying Tickets On Line
  9. Udaipur To Mt. Abu, Jodhpur to Bikaner
  10. Indarail Passes
  11. Delays on the Konkan railway!
  12. udaipur to mumbai
  13. Hospet to Mysore
  14. How to get from Varanasi to Kochi?
  15. Train Twister
  16. train from Delhi to the north
  17. Samjhauta Express
  18. Train fares.
  19. Train Twister??? :D
  20. Train Mumbai to Goa (madgaon)
  21. Trains..what else...
  22. hotel staff to collect my train tickets?
  23. Christmas/New Year delays?
  24. Crossing into India by train?
  25. Train prices - Delhi - Varanasi - New Jalpaiguri ?
  26. Longest train journey???
  27. Train fares - concession for students?
  28. confused about trains!
  29. Train Ticket Status alerts on SMS
  30. internet train booking
  31. Train wait list
  32. Booked out train tickets - but ???
  33. room 17 at the delhi train station
  34. Train Travel Delhi to Kathgodam
  35. train booking from abroad
  36. keeping an eye on your bags on trains
  37. Best rail trips in India
  38. Cross-Country by Train?
  39. Ajanta to Bhusaval travel
  40. buying train tix from the US
  41. India and Pakistan by train - tips and advice needed!
  42. ajanta -ellora
  43. train varanasi-calcutta - interesting experience!
  44. Update on the Delhi Metro, anyone?
  45. Palace-on wheels-experience?
  46. advice about travellin taxi and train combination
  47. Hampi to Udaipur by train
  48. Train from Udaipur to Jodhpur
  49. Chart not prepared?
  50. Trains Udaipur or ?
  51. Trips from Madgaon(Goa) to Hampi historical complex
  52. Flight or Train? Suggestions
  53. Trains/Planes: Reservations needed?
  54. Train Ticket Collection in New Delhi
  55. Kochi to Delhi by train
  56. Train W/L query
  57. Online booking
  58. Trains at a Glance book
  59. Chennai to Kochi by Rail
  60. Online train booking problem!
  61. Travel from Orchha to Khajuraho
  62.'s first charter trip?
  63. Bandhavgar to Similipal -advice please
  64. Jaisalmer train puzzle.
  65. Goa Express Alone
  66. Train connections re-opens India-Pakistan
  67. Kolkata to Kerala - advice please.
  68. Comfortable train travel
  69. Consider this (train vs car cost)
  70. Chennai Egmore Trivandrum Express
  71. Leaving Goa in early Jan
  72. A Guide to the India Railway System and the Indian Train
  73. Train Wait Lists (Old Thread)
  74. indianrail site
  75. "Toy Train" to Daarjeeling ...
  76. Train Stations
  77. RNWL? What are the odds of getting on?
  78. Udaipur to Jaisalmer
  79. Bharatpur to Varanasi
  80. trains to and from bharatpur?
  81. Have you still got a train ticket?
  82. Kalka-Shimla Railway
  83. train from mumbay to goa
  84. help - where to get train tickets delivered to if not in india???
  85. fantastic train information from Steven
  86. Jaipur --> Dehra Dun by train
  87. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. Sounds of Indian Railways
  89. How to understand figuring train fare?!
  90. Airport pickup-Dissertation on how it works.
  91. gauge convesion
  92. How to get to Kerala from Varanasi
  93. Travel agent charges for Train Bookings
  94. Pondicherry / Villupuram to Thanjavur and Trichy Trains
  95. Going by myself to Rajasthan. Trains?
  96. Car drive
  97. With an Enfield and as a non-indian to Pakistan?
  98. Some nice links for train buffs!!
  99. Which trains and where to collect tickets
  100. Train or bus?

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