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  1. Travel Advice...two weeks in India. HELP
  2. Train Toilets - 1AC vs 2AC
  3. train Delhi-Agra-Delhi
  4. Delhi-Agra-Varanasi Train
  5. From Delhi/Mumbai to Hyderabad
  6. stuck in Mumbai
  7. UP, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka transport
  8. changing berth numbers??
  9. chennai to rameshwaram by rail or road?
  10. Pre-announcement chimes on Indian Railways.
  11. More Mileage - Less U Pay (trains)
  12. Safe for two women to travel alone?
  13. Smoking on trains
  14. IS A/C On when a Coach is changed between trains
  15. December trip questions...already
  16. Basti to Varanasi
  17. Can u explain this to me please? (Booking for train)
  18. Booking train with NO success
  19. Chardigarh Train tickets, don't book 'em there!!
  20. Motorbikes on trains
  21. Rajastan heat
  22. Mumbai to Ajanta
  23. First time traveler Sikkim Assam
  24. Amritsar to Dharamsala?
  25. from turkey to india by train
  26. Interesting Railyway Tender
  27. Fascinating website on Indian trains
  28. Train Question
  29. Monsoon Railways on BBC4 Thurs & Friday
  30. From Sri Lanka to India
  31. My Itinery?
  32. Train/Bus questions
  33. Indian Trains, how to avoid booking
  34. Vijayawada
  35. Trains... Conversion..... Rajasthan
  36. Senior Citizen discount on trains.
  37. Nainital to Rishikesh
  38. and now my new worry -refund from irctc
  39. Required advice how to travel between nainital and kullu manali
  40. Rs70 commission for train reservation thru agent?
  41. Bhavngar to Ahmedabad (train or bus?)
  42. Best Route between Shimla and Amritsar??
  43. Oberoi Maidens & Golden Triangle - July
  44. Jaipur To Delhi
  45. Train, Mumbai to Goa on day of arrival, ticket/class advice needed.
  46. What is the most comfortable berth for overnight train travel
  47. Rajdhani Express--Mumbai to Kota---to book ahead or not
  48. Train Wreck
  49. Kolkata to NJP on june 5th, all booked?
  50. Kota to Bangalore
  51. Info needed on Waiting list status - URGENT
  52. Me again! I just need one bit of info
  53. Berth Availability
  54. Cochin to Hampi
  55. Nonstop train Mangalore-Delhi! 2524 km
  56. Train Bathrooms
  57. Train from Mumbai to Leh
  58. Getting to Bhopal from Kota, can it be done?
  59. Anyone taken the Himsagar Express all the way?
  60. Train Question
  61. Quiz On Rails !
  62. dont make me choose!
  63. matheran trian
  64. train question to beach, steven ber or shimla.
  65. My Trip to North - Pls comment
  66. Train from Mumbai to Delhi
  67. Getting from Bombay to Dharamsala
  68. Train Vs. Bus (and general itinerary Q)
  69. upper, middle or down berth?
  70. train to goa
  71. Train from Mumbai to Bundi
  72. Question : Locking my bag on a train.
  73. Advice - Mumbai - Ajanta/Ellora - Varanasi
  74. Advice Needed - Best way to get from Bikener to Amritsar
  75. Wow! Hate to barge in on all this, but I need suggestions!
  76. Baffled by the trains... Bombay to Goa
  77. Kumbakonam-Mayiladuturai section closure from April 1
  78. Travelling on circle Mumbai - Hampi - Bangalore - Mysore - Goa - Mumbai
  79. Travel from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur...any suggestions?
  80. How could the Indian Railway site be improved?
  81. Dehradun to Shimla via train?
  82. Delhi to goa ?
  83. where to buy IndRail Pass
  85. Railway e-tickets face legal hurdles
  86. Train tickets rembursement for trip cancellation
  87. Delhi Metro Yahoo groups
  88. Get Indian Railway info via SMS
  89. Chartering the Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  90. Konkan Railway Tours
  91. Indian Railway Budget 2005.
  92. Big Plans?
  93. new trains
  94. Ticket Collection Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express
  95. LHB Rake - Mumbai Rajdhani Express
  96. How to get from Cochin to Mysore?
  97. Best Route
  98. Delhi and Agra by train from Goa and Indirail passes
  99. new ways to buy Train tickets
  100. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Mumbai-Calicut-Cochin-Goa-Mumbai

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