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  1. Trains: Please tell me what my status is :confused:
  2. sleeper coach
  3. What does the "B" mean in Train# 2953B
  4. Jodhpur-Jaisalmer
  5. trouble w/ credit card booking on IRCTC
  6. mumbai to nasik road jan4th
  7. How to find city codes for the railwaybooking?
  8. Which train class?
  9. travelling India by train
  10. Mumbai-Delhi by train?
  11. travelling by sleeper class.
  12. Agra - Shimla
  13. Sleeper Class details & photos.
  14. Can I take train from Bharatpur to Jaipur by using ticket which is Agra to Jaipur?
  15. Where can I pickup i-ticket in delhi at early morning?
  16. What does this seating configuration mean?
  17. another option to get a train seat when irctc site is down?
  18. Can't get a train ticket: Mumbai-Varanasi
  19. Train from South Goa to Cochin
  20. Maoists blow up rail tracks in Bihar
  21. Wrong Passport Number on Ticket -- Rebook?
  22. Delhi to Pathankot
  23. Which is better, Pune or Mumbai to Kolkata?
  24. Unable to Communicate? My Pants!
  25. Ladies carriages
  26. Indian Rail web site broken?
  27. train from agra to gaya
  28. How can i book trains with my Visa Card??? I have no other credit card
  29. Changing E-tickets - boarding point, names etc.
  30. Indian Railway - Platform Berthing
  31. Jaipur to McLeod Ganj to Dehli in 7 Days?
  32. Agra to Delhi
  33. Mangala Express
  34. Train from Mumbai to Gokarna
  35. Railways booking: Need to have same credit card on you?
  36. The Best Non-Luxury Train from Cochin to Delhi (and beyond)?
  37. Tight Rajasthan Itinerary, book ahead??
  38. Trains: Food on board?
  39. Train to Nepal Border
  40. train from Raxaul to Patna? Gaya?
  41. train e-tickets and berths
  42. What payment method for e-ticket bought from abroad
  43. New jalpainguri to Patna
  44. Jalgaon Station
  45. Tkt from travandrum boarding varkala
  46. E tickets? Huh? Wha?
  47. Lucknow Station
  48. Kolkata to Varanasi overnighter and security
  49. RAC tickets - will they be confirmed and together?
  50. Shortest distance between two stations
  51. How do you know when you have reached the right station?
  52. Problem with online booking
  53. Train Booking Repeatedly Rejected!! Any Clues?
  54. Train travel experiences
  55. Cancelling e-ticket by phone after departure ?
  56. Kalka-Shimla Train
  57. AC 2-tier sleeper
  58. Udaipur to Jaipur
  59. RAC- What chance of getting a berth?
  60. HELP- Train/bus Hampi to Kerala
  61. New Jalpaiguri to Chennai
  62. Getting a Refund from Indian Railways - Help!
  63. Delhi to Trivandrum route via trains?
  64. London Mayor travelled on Mumbai local
  65. Booking Problem
  66. Worth going by FC (non-AC)?
  67. New Delhi to Dharamsala
  68. Typically how far past schedule will Superfast train run?
  69. Please clarify Station From/To Boarding at & Res. upto
  70. Do I need to buy tix ahead of time for the Darjeeling "joy ride" toy train
  71. Night train suggestion Gaya to Kolkata
  72. waiting in tatkal
  73. Mumbai to Goa?
  74. Some encouragement for booking trains online & thank yous
  75. What is the possibility of getting confirmed?
  76. By train, How many hours will it take, from vizag to bokaro
  77. Lockers in the Delhi Central Train Station?
  78. Train from Kanpur to Haridwar. Slip Route?
  79. travel agent for trains???
  80. Which seat are best for 2AC and 3 AC?
  81. Calcutta to Bangalore and then Kerala by Train
  82. Trains from Mumbai to Bangalore
  83. From when on can I board a night train at the starting station?
  84. Mysore, Hampi,Goa, Ellora, Dec.07 : Itinerary comments please ?
  85. 3 AC Safe for women?
  86. Booking tickets from an approved agent (UK)
  87. Hampi to Mumbai
  88. I-Ticket Waiting List
  89. Late train reservation
  90. Romancing with Indian Railways
  91. Pnr status
  92. mumbai to trivandrum by train: time?
  93. Toy train - anyone been in 2nd class?
  94. What do my seat numbers mean? And do errors in the name matter?
  95. overnight tuesday train from varanasi to mathura
  96. How many tickets avaliable for each class/train?
  97. Convert E-ticket to I-ticket
  98. upgrading class
  99. Bombay-Delhi Golden Temple 3AC: Do you get pillows and sheets?
  100. Train waiting list

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