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  1. Cancelled trains, and predictable terrorism!
  2. Travel by Sleeper Class
  3. female train compartments in dehli-Gaya, and Varanasi-delhi trains?
  4. Luggage size
  5. AVAILABLE- 00 * what does it mean?
  6. Query for tatkal
  7. Information Needed Regarding "FAILED PAYMENT REFUND STATUS"
  8. "Senior" citizen doesn't want to travel as an oldie!
  9. Bundi to Agra train??
  10. Unable to open IRCTC from morning
  11. Booking Return Ticket :Counter vs IRCTC
  12. Clear trip
  13. Any hope of below Diwali tickets getting confirmed? Please advise..
  14. waiting room Delhi Cantt. Railway station
  15. Railways' tatkal ticket booking prone to manipulations: CAG
  16. Jaipur to Jodhpur train
  17. Need to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus from Pune
  18. What does inward journey mean, in context of Indian Railways?
  19. In need of summary about train travel
  20. Indrail pass and ticketing from abroad
  21. Railways freight charges for a motor car.
  22. Toy train - Kalka to Shimla
  23. Kalka Shimla Toytrain First Class!!
  24. Indian Railways' new website no longer sells tickets.
  25. Worst Train Ride Ever - 19215 Saurashtra Express
  26. Madurai to Goa as Quick as Possible
  27. Break Journey/Telescopic Indian Railway?
  28. How to reach Shimla from Chennai?
  29. Long train journey (27 hours) - should we do it?
  30. How can I request 2 berth, 1st class Ajmer - Udaipur Train?.
  31. Booking train from Delhi to chandigarh
  32. North India scenic train routes/tours. Any suggestions?
  33. Mumbai to Nasik
  34. Some travel advice please :)
  35. IndRail Pass
  36. indrail pass, break journey or circular journey?
  37. Book my ticket only if atleast one lower berth is allotted
  38. Kolkata Guwahati Garib Rath
  39. Best way to change my train ticket
  40. Will my ticket get confirmed
  41. Foreigners Quota Ticket offices
  42. What Happened To IndiaMike? No Replies in 14 Hours?
  43. Corners tour: booking in advance or Indrail pass
  44. Waiting List confirmation suggestion
  45. Delhi Mumbai - in just 7 hours
  46. Possible to wing it?
  47. I am completely lost
  48. Regarding Tatkal Quota ( On internet)
  49. Please Explain the seat detail
  50. How to book a train from Europe?
  51. IRTC registration difficulty
  52. Shatabdi Express - reliable?
  53. doubt about darjeeling toy train-please help!
  54. Bicycle on train
  55. Railway E-Ticket
  56. A Train Journey that made me feel proud
  57. Delhi Dharmasala
  58. Duronto from Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam
  59. Need Info on Bhopal station/train
  60. From Baroda by the Mumbai Rajdhani
  61. Train to Talguppa (for Jog Falls) started
  62. ticket questions?
  63. Bangalore to Karwar Train started...
  64. How do i book trains in england?
  65. How waitlist tickets are cleared
  66. Can I book tatkal E-ticket for my parents?
  67. Now e-ticketing through SMS
  68. Indian Railway
  69. How to find out what time the train leaves. also e ticket
  70. New Ticketing Portal launched.
  71. IRCTC train tour package cancelled. HELP!!
  72. Jalgaon to Varanasi
  73. Any information about TATKAL railway ticket?
  74. Grand Trunk (GT) Express First AC Details Needed
  75. how about Class - 1A
  76. Indian Railways to roll out new e-ticketing service
  77. random questions about trains
  78. Current Status of berth
  79. Please suggest about Bandra Terminus
  80. To book in advance or not to book in advance...
  81. Indian Railway: Ontime performance, train delay
  82. for Rail Bookings
  83. Trains At A Glance - 2011-12
  84. Delhi to Simla - help booking toy train
  85. Old IRCTC account without mobile number
  86. Cloak room at Udaipur City?
  87. Delhi - Agra - buying ticket 1 day before or same day, what's my chance ?
  88. Help needed in booking train ticket through Cleartrip
  89. connection from Rishikesh to Shimla
  90. LHB Coaches
  91. Worst train trips !
  92. How to book connecting train tickets through
  93. Your Experience on the 17 hour train from Mumbai to Udaipur
  94. Question About Tatkal Quota
  95. Need Info on AC 2 Tier Waiting list
  96. Railway stations-
  97. Got a ticket, but where is the problem
  98. Splitting of passengers
  99. Simla Delhi Tickets
  100. Can I request to go more station with paying money?

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