What to Expect in Delhi During Holi Festival

#1 Feb 23rd, 2006, 14:09
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Can anyone tell me the exact dates of the Holi Festival for 2006. I will either be in Delhi or Udaipur during this time. What can I expect? Will there be larger than usual crowds? Will stores be open? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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yes there would be larger than usual crowds in some places in delhi, and they could be behaving very differently than they do every day! the festive spirit sometimes gives way to obnoxious behaviour and it depends on where in delhi you intend to be at that time!

stores are mostly closed in the daytime, with some shops opening in the evening, expect most large shopping places to be closed!
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Yes depends where you are. As a general precaution stay indoors. Now synthetic industrial paints are used which can cause severe allergy, hooliganism, drunkenness, misbehaviour are on the rise. Things return to normal after 2 PM or so.
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Here´s one thread I found...


And this I found through Gooooogle... there you can find find info about the history of holi, safety tips etc...


I´ve understood it starts on the 14th of March. So 14-15.3.
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Just stay indoors with a good book or a movie. Treat yourself to a nice hotel room for the day, and watch the mayhem from the roof top. Regard it as a positive time for indoor unwinding. India will still be there tomorrow !

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agree with all above. Be aware that there is also incidence of date rape drugs rising in india. Here's a link http://www.4woman.gov/faq/rohypnol.htm to find more about it. There has been quite a few cases last yr. & it came in the media. Hope everybody has a safe, enjoyable holi

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