What annoys you most in Rajasthan

#31 Dec 8th, 2005, 15:54
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Yeah exactly Razz,the topic being India I'm sure there are SOME dishonest Hoteliers (India provides for all scenarios in my experience) that pass on the commission to your bill but it's not the norm.

As annoying as touting and commission can be at times I tend to look at it as an attempt at full employment. Every small job has it's value in India touting is no different, though they annoy me at times, I try to see it as just another way of making a living. Not a very secure way at that.
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Just to balance the thread a little bit ,arrived in Mysore.tired & battered (Indian buses) We had selected a hotel already ,be prepared , and was approached by a tout ,he found a rickshaw for us told the driver were to take us ,rode on the rickshaw with us .(alarm bells) we were told that the hotel we had selected would not be suitable and that he new a better one .He was right!!!!!!! we ended up in a very nice hotel at a good price . We checked out our original selection later and it was bad!!
Delhi ,were all bad stories originate from .We were approached in the station ,escorted to a taxi, price arranged for us ,and dropped at our hotel .Thank you !!
Biggest gripe has to be the rubbish .What people forget (or don't no) is that the U.K was like that 50 years ago and it took a concerted campaign to clear things up .First education,then the signs went up ,no littering .no spitting ,oh yes ,it is only recently this was a common practice here .then the fines were introduced and it worked .India will have a much harder job ,but if that is what India wants then it is possible
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I've been in Indian for 2 months, Uttranchal and the Himachal Pradesh. I've had no problems with touts in those states, apart from the odd "Kashmiri sales man" but since I've come to Rajasthan its a whole different ball game - I've stopped trusting the locals. Everytime I walk down the street I think to myself, "When am I going to get hassled next?"... last night I actually questioned a westerner when a hotel manager asked for his opinon on the rooms.

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