Traveler's Check Odd Exchange Behavior

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I recently went to a currency exchange office in Jodhpur. I asked the proprietor if he could exchange $300 into rupees. He asked me if I could exchange more. I said okay and exchanged $500. He gave me the proper sum of money in rupees. I asked him if he wanted to see my passport. He said "no." I asked him who I should make the checks out to. He said to leave it blank. It seemed as though he was going to sell them on the black market, but it seemed to me that he was taking a big risk. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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I don't know about now days but I used to cash TCs on the black market at a better rate than the banks would give me. It never felt scamy or dodgey just business, the legal liability fell to them anyways. Although there was the remotes of chances of being question leavening the country with out receipts equaling what was cashed, that chance was slim to none.

The scam mention in adam000121's link is clearly illegal as the traveler would have to file a false report to the police.

The worst scam to look for was an other westerner claiming they had just gotten a great rate with this Indian guy they knew, except you would be separated from your money for just a little while, that would strech in to forever.

I asked him who I should make the checks out to
I take it now days its more than just two signatures and that who is cashing the check needs to be written down, interesting.

I'd been wondering if people still cash checks on the black market in these days of the ATMs and credit cards.

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