The milk and rice scam
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I think she means powdered baby milk Nick but yeah 800rp is a lot of milk powdered or otherwise!!
Put it down to experience and realise although you might have been scammed, you may well have fed a few of these scoundrels for a night or three!!
Good on ya!!
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I wish that all the skill and energy put into begging could be channelled into something useful.
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Begging - a career choice

From all I have read so far, begging for our money or food, is no longer a necessity but a career.

It doesn't feel to me that I am actually helping the person in the way you perceive it, but giving money for a non-existant service.

Does giving them what they ask only encourage others to do the same? Of no real net gain to the community?

I am with "emjoi" on this one, don't feed this career, force them into another.

"adriletayf", my way with dealing with being misled or lied to for cash or profit, was that Karma has a way with dealing with it, fine they got your cash, but it will give them cold comfort for a short time.

Have pride that you were trying to do the right thing.
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Oh, yes, CH, powdered milk (doh!)... in which case the Breast Lecture would be even more appropriate!

begging may be a career choice for some. It may be a career forced upon some others by their family. For many others it is a tough life, and all beggars should not be written off as scammers.
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Originally posted by: Nick-H

And, next time, you could give a little lecture on how breast feeding is best!

this is a grand idea! The thing is to call their bluff, something that they do not have a comeback to.
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I'm not against beggars, quite the opposite (as I've written at length elsewhere). I'm not keen on being scammed, though, and I don't like being lied too ---although a tall story well told can have great entertainment value :) .

If someone tells me they need Rs800 for something I know couldn't possibly cost that much I'd walk away. If they tell me they need it for, eg, education or medical treatment for their child then, if I believe them I will give at least part.

I know of no way of telling for sure if someone is lying, except, maybe, their reaction after giving.
Life gets aadhar every day.
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The online ruminations on begging never cease to amaze me. There are usually two arguments.

1. Begging is okay as long as the beggar is telling the truth (pity the bastard who can't work because he's a cripple and thus has no way to earn money for food).

2. Begging is shameful if the beggar is lying and thereby operating a "scam" (screw the bastard who could be doing an honest day's labor but is instead panhandling me, preying on my good nature, in search of a handout, which he will clearly use to get high then go home and beat his wife).

Really, what business is it of the traveler how people get by in the world? If you want to hand out money, hand it out. If you don't, tell all of them (even the little scruffy cherubs--I think Paul Simon called them "scatterlings")--tell all of them to bugger off. If you want to accompany someone to a store to buy milk powder, buy the powder or don't.

Are you "encouraging" begging if you offer alms? I promise you that no matter what you do with your rupees on a subcontinent of over a billion people that you will in no way adversely or positively affect the social, economic, and political environment.
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Thanx everybody for your responses!!, I wish I could've take part of the discussion, but I'm in India now, and I'm so busy with all these new emotions!!

I'm very surprise about some of the replies

Take care!! :)

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