The Airport Waiting Room: A Final Goodbye & Screw You!
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Time will enable you to overcome this tragedy..

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It does happen to Indians too, but, as it has happened to me maybe twice in five years, and I read about it here quite a lot, I suspect it may be pulled on foreign visitors a lot more.

And yes, it is annoying that it is a 1/2-Rp sweet! We really should ask for the other one, at least!


It's happened to me several times, especially on the toll roads to Pune!! I either refuse to accept and walk out of the shop or if I know it is a supermarket that I will use again I tell them that I am willing to accept but the next time I visit I will pay them back with sweets. Where the tolls are concerned I simply refuse the sweets.

It's amazing how quickly they either find the coins or give me an I.O.U.

Try it.
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Even though I hark from the city with that disgraceful renovation site called Kingsford-Smith Airport, I must say Indira Gandhi International also makes one long to quit the premises ASAP.And as I found out during the "fog regime" (January 2010) that may be mere wishful thinking. Not a good place to be stranded, what with all those convivial, obliging personnel in their khaki uniforms offering customer service at the end of an AK 47 barrel. The experience was memorable enough to forfeit a $1000 ticket for the opportunity of escape on anything likely to see the runway.

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