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It's alittle worrying that this keeps on happening to people & a shame because it makes people scared to come to India
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Read about this before and made sure I only had smaller notes for the taxi, but still managed to get a bit scammed. Got off at CST train station at about 6am from Goa, shattered. Taxi driver comes bounding over charges us 250 to get to Colaba. Wants to take us to his places but we stay adamant we want to go to Seashore as recommended in the book, knowing that Mumbai has pretty shit quality accommodation for high prices. We sense 250 is too much, but it's not so much to cry about so we take it, tired and not thinking. Get to Seashore which is fully booked so he says he can take us somewhere and ring ahead to check it's available. He happily tells us to bring our family to India and use him again, and advises us as 'friends' that all places in Colaba charge at least 2000rupees a night. I tell him that Seashore was maximum 1200 but he's not listening. He takes us to 3 hotels which are all expensive and dirty and by the third I just say you know what, take us back to Colaba and we'll wander round (by now it's about 7.30 am and the sun has risen, so we don't mind walking in to each place.) He suddenly reveals that it has been costing us 250 each way so that to take us to Colaba will be 750 in total. I explode. I say it's dishonest to not say that when we got back in the taxi after Seashore, and we get into a shouting match about where he will now take us and for how much and whether we're going to pay him anything at all. In the end me any my boyfriend just get out and I give him around 230 rupees as it's what I had in change and didn't want to give him a 500. It's obviously too much, but he did drive us somewhere. We angrily storm away and a young boy runs over and tells us there is a bus to Colaba just across the road. We call ahead to Lawrence's in Colaba who has a room for 900rupees and find the bus which costs 15 each. Turns out he had also taken us to Mumbai Central, much further than where we started. It's not a lot of money at all, but it's just a really unpleasant way to start a visit to a city. We also later realise, CST to Colaba is about a 15 minute walk. Next up, Delhi where supposedly it's a hundred times worse!!
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Sorry to hear that. In Delhi, you may use the metro if you dont have too much luggage. Where do you arrive from (station / airport) and what area would you first need to go to? If you lay it out in an appropriate thread in the delhi forum, IMers can help you sort out some of the potential start-up problems.
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It's no bother really, just a shame! Thanks! You're full of help today! We've heard from locals and travellers that Delhi isn't worth visiting for a long time at all, so I think we're just going to arrive the day of or day before we fly home to wander round and buy last minute souvenirs. Will probably be arriving by train, and will book a place ahead and catch a rickshaw from the road rather than the station.
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On that note, when you go to the ATM, always withdraw an off amount like Rs7450. That way, you will get the Rs100 and 50 notes, rather than all Rs1000 and 500 notes.
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There are no INR 50 notes in an Indian ATM.
the denominations are INR 1000, 500 and 100, with the last 2 being the most common.
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Originally posted by: narendra.d View Post

There are no INR 50 notes in an Indian ATM.

True, The ATMs I have used, when choosing "Another Amount" also say "In multiples of XXX" where XXX is either 100 or 500.
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Hi all... I've been travelling in India now (my first time) for just over 4 weeks. Now in 4 weeks I should have been more alert and wise to scams but ho hum, they got me and they got me good. I'm sure this has been raised in the past on this forum but here's my experience with my first taxi ride in Mumbai.

I got the bus from Panaji to Mumbai, arriving without having had a wink of sleep, at about 10 in the morning. Firstly the bus dumped me way outside Mumbai, for some reason he refused to continue to the center of town. Anyway, a taxi guy immediately grabbed me and before we set off I started to negotiate a price but he said simply that it was on meter, I couldn't argue and thought there's no way he can scam me if it's on meter so off we went. Well, we arrived at my hotel and the meter read 13.2, I thought, that's funny, bit low, but of course then he produced the rate card. He handed me the official looking rate card and my jaw literally hit the floor, it read, "13.2 - 550 Rs". I thought to myself, "F**k me, I know Mumbai is supposed to be expensive but that's London prices!". I challenged him suspecting that he must be pulling a fast one but then he said, "No sir, I honest, look I could have charged you night time rate." With that he produced another rate card, again official looking and it said, "Night time rate, 13.2 - 750 Rs". "Ho hum", I thought, he must be telling the truth. Only when I got a taxi later that day and I asked him to see his rate card did I realise the error of my, ways. His even more official looking rate card read, "13.2 - 160 Rs (or there abouts)".

Later that day I mentioned this in the tourist office, they said if I'd taken his number they could have done something about it. Ah well. I've been fleeced out of the odd 10 or 20 rupees here before but now I've been done good :mad:

I used to frown at those who said, "Trust no one!", but I'm slowly coming to see this as true :confused:

Exact same situation our son, Hiranjgarbh, encountered. I guess this is just the system. Missier Vijay Karel Maddipoti & Aishwarya Koes Rambhatla Paragh.
Missier Vijay Karel Maddipoti & Aishwarya Koes Rambhatla Paragh.

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