Shocking Brutality at Bangalore Railway Station

#61 Oct 21st, 2005, 16:34
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Folks lets get one thing straight. you never know who has big connections. You just dont 'spring a trap' as alleged it he story.

First of all, it is very UNLIKELY that the ticket collector on a snap would decide to trap this dude and say "You didn't give me a platform ticket". The reason is not that the ticket collector is straight and honest. but the FEAR.. what fear you may ask?. In India you never know WHOM you are getting into a fight. Okay the Ticket Collector decides to trap the chap. WhatIf the Chaps father turns out to be a DG of Police? or what if hte chaps brother is an MLA or a Minister ? Worse still, what if the Chaps friend is a big DON? They will be dead meat in a day. So no one in official positions pick up a fight unless provoked.

It is very unlikely that the staff would pounce on random prey. they have to be absolutely sure that the said victim does not have any connections. this itself prevents them from springing such tricks.

That said, i have never heard of railway staff springing such tricks on unwary visitors.

What must have happened is this guy failed to buy a ticket, then got into an argument and the RPF got in...
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Had a feeling all along that this guy did not have a platform ticket and this led to a series of events. His writing skills helped him to embellish his story.
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wow srisri, great link.

so the "truth" is out, he was a drunken fool who was trying to cheat the system!

anyway, it is great to hear people rallying to support him. maybe next time the rally will be for someone who is actually innocent!
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Posted on Oct 6, 2005
Originally Posted by crvlvr I am not saying that the guy made up the story about getting beat up. But, I am questioning his claimed innocence. Although the alleged police's physical action is extreme, is it possible that the "victim" never had a platform ticket and may have been disrespectful to the cops on his way out?
I rest my case. Thanks srisri for the update.

On another note, the recent influx of indian from other parts of the indian into bangalore as a result of the IT boom, has led to resentment amongst the locals -- who view the transplants as loud, aggressive and disrespectful. The "victim" Adani was a transplant. This may have contributed to the extreme reaction by the cops.
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Originally Posted by Paagla Dashu The question is not which part he made up.

The scepticism is about the parts of the story he might not have reported.

Did he at all buy a platform ticket?

What did he say to the ticket examiners when they asked for his ticket?

It is decidedly odd that corrupt ticket examiners should start beating him up instead of first asking for money - after all, technically they could have charged him with a heavy fine ('cause not having a platform ticket can be interpreted as having traveled first class AC without ticket from the furthest station in Bangalore) - and could have asked for money to drop the charges - remember ticketless trvael can also result in prison sentence.

Instead, they started beating him up. Why take the trouble if there was no provocation?

What is he hiding?
We know the answers now.

'nuff said.
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I know this is old thread but the fine for not having a platform ticket is Rs 500 in Bangalore. And generaly yes - you don't want to get into a fight with someone because even a friend of a ministers son or daughter can be a nightmare. Though it happens with lot of repurcussions.
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no wonder

this unfortunate incident in bangalore railway station does not surprise me at all. you know what sort of people work there. when i came there at 4 PM to ask for ticket for Hospet train leaving at 10PM first I asked directly reservation counter with credit cards. Woman behind this counter directed me to main building to unreserved ticket counter. I went there to know from a ticket man that ticket i can find in right wing. i came to the right wing and saw long long queus. i stood in one of these queues only to know in the end that they sell only general compartment tickets. so i returned after one and a half hour to unreserved ticket counter to know that chart is stil with reservation office. so i had gone back to reservation counters from left side of railway station. woman behind credit cards counter refused to serve me directed me to enquires. there after standing in yet another queue i got to know that the chart is already closed when i was shuttling between numerous counters. so i came back to unreserved ticket counter and bought ticket to Hospet.
So Bangalore railway station clerks wasted 3hrs of my life.

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